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Do you have a story about when a young person first watched a TEDTalk or TEDxTalk? What happened?

TEDTalks and TEDxTalks inspire viewers of all ages.
In the past few years, the TED community has expressed a heightened interest in youth-focused TEDTalks and events.
Initiatives such as TEDxYouthDay (www.tedxyouthday.com) and TED-ED (http://education.ted.com/) are bringing TED's spirit of "Ideas Worth Spreading" to a younger audience.
We are interested in hearing stories about how TED and TEDx have reached and inspired young people.


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    Sep 26 2011: I think my first one was in 2003/4 (i was 15 ) watching a TEDTalk by Tony Robbins... and then addicted to TED community after Al Gore's inspiring speeches. I was truly reignited and driven to better the world via my tree-planting project called GREENPLEASE! i started in college.

    Keep it up inspiring, spreading the ideas to YOUTH.

    Thank you, TED.

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