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A world without religion, how will it really look?

The voices against religious belief are growing stronger in recent years as is to be expected in this age of information, but would there really be an idyllic world waiting in the end of this war?

Would the people susceptible to the religious doctrines really abandon illogical thinking, or will we see the various "New Age" movements get stronger with new pseudo scientific lies that might seem like an easier path to take than the proof demanding science, as we see today from many secular people around the world?

How far are we from completely embracing knowledge and research? How do you envision such a world?


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    • Mar 11 2011: Im not sure we wouldnt end up doing what we have done in past times and consequently dead civilizations.That is worshiping our science, our culture, our beauty or the arts...

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        • Mar 12 2011: Because we have done it before, and all those civilizations fell.
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        • Mar 13 2011: donlehmanjr.com/China/china%20chapters/china%20book3/china55.htm



          Pride, herald to all sin, is at the root of the matter.

          Enough is enough when you can no longer perceive how your overindulgence imposes unfair (life threatening) restraints on others.

          There is no knowledge or discovery defined by our Science that was not waiting to be unveiled.
          We fool ourselves into thinking that any reaction we have attempted to 'catalyze'. Comes from and is owned by us alone, willfully ignorant that our very action makes us part of the experiment or energetic system that was set in motion millennia before our existence.

          The Arts and our Culture are fickle things as exemplified by the fact that even those man made Wonders of the World have become little more than tourist attractions. Their true stories and the wisdom behind the lessons lost but to a few.
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        • Mar 13 2011: We are both arguing a belief in something. Religion can be defined most simply as a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs. Atheism I think fits these criteria.

          You asked me for an example and I gave you two.

          If you read through the link I sent you, you will see that the precipitating factor for the fall of most of Chinas Empires was the same: Greed the same thing (not religion) which led to the downfall of the Roman Empire.
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        • Mar 13 2011: Okay lets dance a little longer. I never said that because I believe in God there is no greed in me.

          I am not interested in convincing you of something you already, intrinsically know. I will however remind you since you seem to have forgotten and you cannot learn from what you choose to forget: You are part of and therefor accountable to something far greater than yourself.

          A world without what you call religion means erasing those most important histories which seeded all civilizations with ideas like the Golden Rule (as far as I know these are not empirical formulae). It is a world where we would feel even more justified to never extend ourselves beyond our selfish desires. Where would you be today if your ancestors cared more about art or culture than rearing their offspring to be good and responsible individuals, qualities I dare say you will never find expounded in any history of science.

          To date, the most advanced civilizations known to have existed are still trying to justify the idea that it makes sense for us to sh@# where we sleep. So we go on raping the bowels of our mother, pillaging her irreplaceable beauty and annihilating what biodiversity is left on our planet. This has nothing to do with any religion I conform to. How about you?

          I say again: enough is enough when you can no longer perceive how your overindulgence imposes unfair (life threatening) restraints on others.

          Feel free to try and prove me wrong
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        • Mar 13 2011: Not better just more accountable and therefore able to grow where it matters most.

          Those individuals who are committing the atrocities to which you refer are, surprise, misguided.

          How much more and for what reasons are those proud and Godless doing the same?
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        • Mar 13 2011: Is the pot calling the kettle, black? Must be nice. My beliefs do not allow for such luxury. Please stop trying to twist this discussion into... whatever it is your trying to turn it into.

          It is not my concern what you choose to believe. You have nothing to fear.

          My question to you is simple. Look around the world and examine the history of the last 100 yrs then tell me what those Godless and proud have done to improve anything for anyone in need. Without the guidance of some virtue based in some religion.
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        • Mar 13 2011: Thats convenient, no, unfortunate. I don't think you were ever in this discussion because you answered none of my questions and made all kinds of peculiar judgements about me. Goodbye.
        • kris ho

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          Mar 14 2011: maybe plenty of people who are 'godless and proud' did stuff to help with humanity. perhaps they just did it and left the banners and whistles at home. Good things are done by good people every day, just because its nice to be nice :)
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        • Mar 14 2011: r/t dead civilizations. I made no such presumption, read again.

          The examples I gave you showed exactly my point that the most predominate factor in the disintegration of many past Empires or civilizations is pride and the resulting greed (and other problems) that it spawns, not religion.

          I never said that religion is the 'only way to guard against greed' I did however say that said belief systems are the source of many of those wisdoms and tenants that hold up the best of what our current civilizations have to offer.

          Finally I never 'contended' that anyone "did nothing to benefit societies" and made no statement based in prejudice. I simply asked for examples so that you might prove your position. Are you not in fact Proud to be Godless?

          You have made many peculiar (dangerous) defamatory accusations and judgements about my character and now attempt to deflect my attention away from your slights. Weak, you have shown me your stripes.

          I have answered Rio's question adequately in my opinion.

          Go in peace I am not here to harass or be harassed by anyone.

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