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A world without religion, how will it really look?

The voices against religious belief are growing stronger in recent years as is to be expected in this age of information, but would there really be an idyllic world waiting in the end of this war?

Would the people susceptible to the religious doctrines really abandon illogical thinking, or will we see the various "New Age" movements get stronger with new pseudo scientific lies that might seem like an easier path to take than the proof demanding science, as we see today from many secular people around the world?

How far are we from completely embracing knowledge and research? How do you envision such a world?


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  • Mar 12 2011: Religion is the sculpting of aspects of reality you cannot see using the human experience. Prophets, books, eyewitness accounts of miracles, these are fundamentally human centered occurrences. The goal of science is to remove the human perspective from the equation, or more simply, to make it so no matter who you are, where you were born, what you believe in, you too can add vinegar and baking soda and watch the reaction.

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