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A world without religion, how will it really look?

The voices against religious belief are growing stronger in recent years as is to be expected in this age of information, but would there really be an idyllic world waiting in the end of this war?

Would the people susceptible to the religious doctrines really abandon illogical thinking, or will we see the various "New Age" movements get stronger with new pseudo scientific lies that might seem like an easier path to take than the proof demanding science, as we see today from many secular people around the world?

How far are we from completely embracing knowledge and research? How do you envision such a world?


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    Mar 9 2011: It's amusing to see so many pro religious opinions here, I can only hope even more religious people discover TED, and open up their mind to modern knowledge and ideas. I'm sure the harmless arguments they make around here are worth the possibility of growing out of the mental cage they we're brought up in. All it takes is some critical thinking.

    There were some very good comments made here and I enjoyed reading them all. As we near the closing time of this debate, I will give you my own vision of a world without religion.
    I see a world extremely different from today (and still far away if to be honest), a world without borders, that values knowledge and information more than anything. A world not without violence, not without crime, but at much much lower rates than today. A world much more productive and active as we waste less time and rely solely on ourselves as a human race. A world more open to disagreements and debates, treating all people as equals.
    A world where all human knowledge is free and available to every single person. And it starts with TED.

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