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A world without religion, how will it really look?

The voices against religious belief are growing stronger in recent years as is to be expected in this age of information, but would there really be an idyllic world waiting in the end of this war?

Would the people susceptible to the religious doctrines really abandon illogical thinking, or will we see the various "New Age" movements get stronger with new pseudo scientific lies that might seem like an easier path to take than the proof demanding science, as we see today from many secular people around the world?

How far are we from completely embracing knowledge and research? How do you envision such a world?


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  • kris ho

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    Mar 9 2011: I could only hope that a world without religion would be one in which people talk and question each other more freely, and see shades of grey rather then black and white- with out a god on your side to 'say so' people would have to look deeper at the reasons that they do- or don't do things... traditions that are often associated with religion (F.G.M and hatred against homosexuals spring to mind) would perhaps be easier to look at more objectivly with out the god and scripture part of the argument.
    Hopefully it would also be a kind of common link between different cultures- I mean, no one (witha decent 'moral compass') goes out with the idea to rape pillage and destroy surely??!! with out god(s) decency will be seen for what it is- a common human trait rather then a religiously shaped one.
    It would also be about taking responsibility for your own life- It is what you shape it- or how you deal with what happens to you, rather then because the 'big fella' deems it so, and thinking about how our choices affect what we really have- the here and now, rather then relying on a cushy afterlife may make us feel different about what we eat, how we act, and what we really value.
    as for how far are we away from this.... it's maybe within our reach, but definately within our sights.

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