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A world without religion, how will it really look?

The voices against religious belief are growing stronger in recent years as is to be expected in this age of information, but would there really be an idyllic world waiting in the end of this war?

Would the people susceptible to the religious doctrines really abandon illogical thinking, or will we see the various "New Age" movements get stronger with new pseudo scientific lies that might seem like an easier path to take than the proof demanding science, as we see today from many secular people around the world?

How far are we from completely embracing knowledge and research? How do you envision such a world?


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    Feb 16 2011: I think that your question should be a world with less religions or with less importance for religion in people's life. A world without religion is a theorical scenario.

    The seek for a religion come from fear or a non understanding of something. But, always, there will be things to be discovery about life and death and always there will be doubt about this things in people's mind.

    I think that the faith is the bad part of religions and is one of cause for intolerance. There are the spiritual part that is a good thing that can coexist with a rational mind.

    Whether the world goes down this path, the religion will be changed but not should disappear.

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