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Conversation with Simon Lewis: How do we make the most of our Consciousness?

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My goal is to find ways to answer this most important question of our time, so others may find their inner selves. Everyone wants and needs maximum mental performance, yet school dropout rates attest to the size of the gap that our adolescents drop into. Why are these solutions a hidden secret? How can we develop an integrated approach to maximize our most precious resource on Earth — our collective consciousness — and nurture it in each of us? Why aren’t measurable repeatable approaches, to bridge the gap from potential mind toward actual mind, widely known and available to all from youth to old age, and how do we make this become a reality?
I hope you join me to discuss these and other questions,

Simon Lewis
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Closing Statement from Simon Lewis

I just finished reading all of your final comments and want to extend special thanks to TED for making this civil, thoughtful and remarkably global forum possible, as well as the INK organization who originally invited me to India in association with TED, and gave a first opportunity to share my ideas before an international audience.

And I want to thank each of you, who spoke or who listened, for it is your contribution that empowers all. I understand from TED that remarkable audience of some 2,000 participated online in our swiftly assembled colloquy, with over a hundred drawn to participate with comments from countries as far apart as the USA, India, South Korea and China.

I wish all of you of the happiness to be found in seeking the hidden path toward actual mind, and I thank you for showing me how much interest and concern there is, how many tangible ideas are offered, from around the world to help achieve this for all societies and ages.
Thank you, Simon Lewis

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    Sep 27 2011: "Modern academia is teaching politicians without politics"

    Modern education systems are teaching facts, figures, preexisting theories and philosophies. But it does not teach "critical thinking". It does not teach how to handle information, claims, and overall knowledge.

    The "actual" mind is a loose phrase to me, because in neurology the mind is a machine, in psychology the mind is a series of patterns, and philosophy the mind is a vigorously open-ended platform. Truly and "actually" it's all three, and more. What works for one, may not work for another.

    Trial and error constantly is needed to teach different kids different things with different tools.

    Trying to put a 1, 2, 3 step on helping others achieve "enlightenment" "awareness" of "wisdom" is how you create hypocritical educational systems. Look at the forefathers of philosophy, they state two major humanistic philosophies. "Know thyself" and "I don't claim to know "that", but I think it is something like "this", what do you think about "this" and "that"?" (very roughly - I don't think I know).

    They inspired questioning, for everyone, especially the educators!

    Take their ancient lessons of "critical thinking" educations, and modernize it with technology to keep interest levels high! That is my best advice. Oh, and stop relaying on others to inspire the children you are able to educate. Make education interesting young, make them life long learners. Be a parent creatively, be better than a parent, be a "path" setter.
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      Sep 27 2011: I really appreciate "Take their ancient lessons of "critical thinking" educations, and modernize it with technology to keep interest levels high!"
      Do you have any helpful resources to recommend? I enjoy the challenge of modernizing the material to engage current learners with pretty short attention spans.
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        Sep 27 2011: I heard about education programs that promote twitter.But, really no, this is still all theory to me as well.Just trial and error, trying to and going to take that advice most. In every perspective that goes into the question "what is an education" and this proves problematic to me too. Since technically EVERYTHING is an education; involves a philosophy and an artistic approach to conquer. So I'm looking in the directions of trying to teach how to "critical think" existentially. It proves maddening.

        If you so find a modern philosophical school of education, I would enjoy a link.
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      Sep 27 2011: Agreed!! Well put. Although if someone were to find a way to be truly conscious and they put it in a 1, 2, 3 step process, it couldn't hurt to learn their process in order to find your own way. If nothing else it would give you a starting point perhaps.
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        Sep 27 2011: Many 1, 2, 3 steps are fine, but a select few is limiting to everything wanted here.

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