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Conversation with Simon Lewis: How do we make the most of our Consciousness?

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My goal is to find ways to answer this most important question of our time, so others may find their inner selves. Everyone wants and needs maximum mental performance, yet school dropout rates attest to the size of the gap that our adolescents drop into. Why are these solutions a hidden secret? How can we develop an integrated approach to maximize our most precious resource on Earth — our collective consciousness — and nurture it in each of us? Why aren’t measurable repeatable approaches, to bridge the gap from potential mind toward actual mind, widely known and available to all from youth to old age, and how do we make this become a reality?
I hope you join me to discuss these and other questions,

Simon Lewis
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Closing Statement from Simon Lewis

I just finished reading all of your final comments and want to extend special thanks to TED for making this civil, thoughtful and remarkably global forum possible, as well as the INK organization who originally invited me to India in association with TED, and gave a first opportunity to share my ideas before an international audience.

And I want to thank each of you, who spoke or who listened, for it is your contribution that empowers all. I understand from TED that remarkable audience of some 2,000 participated online in our swiftly assembled colloquy, with over a hundred drawn to participate with comments from countries as far apart as the USA, India, South Korea and China.

I wish all of you of the happiness to be found in seeking the hidden path toward actual mind, and I thank you for showing me how much interest and concern there is, how many tangible ideas are offered, from around the world to help achieve this for all societies and ages.
Thank you, Simon Lewis

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  • Sep 27 2011: In your TED talk that I watched recently, you touched on a number of what I will call "threats" to consciousness. The one that resonates with me is depression, because I suffer from it personally and it is quite debilitating. Is your book some kind of self help book that can help me find ways to cope with depression?
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      Sep 27 2011: It's not a self help book, but readers find great insights and also great inspiration. I hope it is helpful..

      Sonny, an EDIT of my first answer:

      I thought more about your question, Sonny. I think my next book will contain exercises, but that will take me time to develop and write. Ahead of that, I will tell you that Rise and Shine has had a very profound effect on its readers. Some read it in one sitting, until the dawn and they see the sun again Rise and Shine. Many are are moved to tears, to reflection, and yes to action that is the best kind of self-help, when based on knowledge. If we think of depression as a separation between Potential Mind and Actual Mind, and my book is an exploration of specific tools that in my case enable me to bridge some of that gap and strive toward Actual Mind, then perhaps it might give you some ideas for you to explore. For these experiences bring me to my mental state today, where I know with metaphysical certainty that I am the luckiest person I know, to have this second chance of consciousness.

      I hope this longer answer is helpful to you. I think online you can read the Introduction and see if you think my tone and the book's reviews give you a sense of this. Thankyou for sharing your personal question, Simon
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      Sep 27 2011: 1) Inspiring TED talk by Dr. Sherwin Nuland, who suffered from depression before drugs were avail.

      2) I learnt some interesting and helpful methods from Kathy Freston, who is a self-help author and wellness counselor; she specializes in a body/mind/spirit approach for bringing about health and happiness. Freston has worked with people healing from cancer, addiction, and depression as well as those who simply want to live consciously and healthfully.

      Hope you find your path to recovery Sonny!

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