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Conversation with Simon Lewis: How do we make the most of our Consciousness?

Due to enthusiastic responses we are keeping this conversation for two days!

My goal is to find ways to answer this most important question of our time, so others may find their inner selves. Everyone wants and needs maximum mental performance, yet school dropout rates attest to the size of the gap that our adolescents drop into. Why are these solutions a hidden secret? How can we develop an integrated approach to maximize our most precious resource on Earth — our collective consciousness — and nurture it in each of us? Why aren’t measurable repeatable approaches, to bridge the gap from potential mind toward actual mind, widely known and available to all from youth to old age, and how do we make this become a reality?
I hope you join me to discuss these and other questions,

Simon Lewis
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Closing Statement from Simon Lewis

I just finished reading all of your final comments and want to extend special thanks to TED for making this civil, thoughtful and remarkably global forum possible, as well as the INK organization who originally invited me to India in association with TED, and gave a first opportunity to share my ideas before an international audience.

And I want to thank each of you, who spoke or who listened, for it is your contribution that empowers all. I understand from TED that remarkable audience of some 2,000 participated online in our swiftly assembled colloquy, with over a hundred drawn to participate with comments from countries as far apart as the USA, India, South Korea and China.

I wish all of you of the happiness to be found in seeking the hidden path toward actual mind, and I thank you for showing me how much interest and concern there is, how many tangible ideas are offered, from around the world to help achieve this for all societies and ages.
Thank you, Simon Lewis

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    Sep 27 2011: I truly believe, and I think Karl Marx, Franz Fanon, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Thomas Hobbes, and Adam Smith would agree, that collective consciousness is instigated, inspired, and ignited by a common struggle, hardship, or purpose. When the poor class in France were subjected to absolute poverty, their class consciousness was powerful enough to inspire a revolution. When man's self-interest overwhelms his need of others to survive, he will sacrifice his trivial self-interests for the sake of his most essential asset - social relationships. When you place the individual in such a desperate situation when his or her own hands and feet cannot solve the problem, the human with outstretched arms will admit defeat before the world and accept collectivity as the foundation of a surviving humanity.

    In our current conditions of complacency in the West, we function at a high level of political life, enjoying the fruits of one of the most complex political economies in the world and yet voter turn-out is at its all times lowest, except for those countries with incentive programs. It took a great amount of collective consciousness to bring about a highly functioning democracy and to continually include those who were excluded, but once we feel as though we've arrive, we cease to be engaged. In this way 2 things must take place: 1) the subjugation and poverty which takes place in our own country and around the world must be magnified and publicized to heighten awareness about the ails of the other and the imperfection of our system in connection to those troubling situations should not go unnoticed. 2) there needs to be a renewal in the importance of civil society which is the foundation of political life - religion, culture, moral community. The power of collectives, organizations, and movements unites ordinary individuals and gives them extraordinary potential. The same collective consciousness which brought us to this point in history will allow our progress to go undone.

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