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If there is a standard for what is right and wrong in science, is there a standard what what is right and wrong in art, music, etc?

Sam Harris sheds the conventional notion that morality is subjective by showing that there is a Utilitarian standard for morality.
I personally believe there can be a standard for what is deemed acceptable and unacceptable in the world of fine arts. I find it baffling that people always say phrases such as "Art is subjective."
For instance, I think literature should always contain certain elements such as plot and setting...but what makes good literature great is the use of themes such as characterization and symbolism. Music can be viewed with the same lens. All music should have a tempo. Better music will have a chorus and variances in tone and harmony. Art should always convey an idea. Better art takes advantage of elements such as balance and color.
In any sort of fine art, there is clearly a standard for what is good and what is bad, and there are people with an expertise in these field who can judge what is good and what is bad. Their opinions on issues within these fields should be held on a higher pedestal than someone who is ignorant in the fields, yet we tend to not differentiate between differences in opinions.
This was one of the first things I thought of when I saw this video. I would like to see someone who has a valid point for disagreeing with me on this...because otherwise I think there can be universal closure on issues that are always deemed subjective.


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    Sep 26 2011: simple if u make mistakes in science either its a mass disaster or mass goodness if you make mistake in Arts :) you are in a mass danger or in a mass popularity, simple yet true..

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