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Why does the USA not have a universal healthcare system?

In one of the conversations, a link was provided. Except it led me to more questions then answers.


Now being Canadian, I tend to look down on the American system of administering healthcare, and the graph provided began by confirming my bias. America has the highest child mortality rate, and the lowest life expectancy.

Then I hit the "Per capita expenditure on health", which left me scratching my head. They spend HOW MUCH?!?! But that was quickly remedied by looking at the "% of health costs paid by government". Life seemed normal once again, and I thought nothing more of it. That is... until today.

I took the per capita cost, and the percentage paid by government, and put them together. The result, has once again left me confused. Here is the per capita cost, paid by tax payers:

4,941 -Norway
3,310 -USA
2,845 -France
2,759 -Germany
2,719 -Canada
2,715 -Sweden
2,444 -UK
2,124 -Australia
2,098 -Japan

The American tax payer, pays more then most other countries, and gets what in return? Where does all of that money go?