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What makes you happy??!!!!

I'm on a Happy Mission!! I always like hanging out with my friends when things aren't going well, what do you do that puts you in good mood??

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    Sep 25 2011: I hope I do not sound too corny when I say that reading some of the stories of the people on TED conversations, their genuine goodness, their courage in overcoming, their great ideas and dedication to the causes they care about honestly makes me happy. When I see the constructive exchanges from people around the world and the spontaneous caring that happens, it makes me happy and hopeful.
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      Sep 25 2011: Totally agree with this. It's so awesome to hear people who think similar thoughts or bring refreshing points of view! Personally, I don't get to talk about the things I'm really interested in with people I see everyday, so going on here helps a ton

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