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What makes you happy??!!!!

I'm on a Happy Mission!! I always like hanging out with my friends when things aren't going well, what do you do that puts you in good mood??

  • Sep 25 2011: Doing something nice for someone else seems to provide the most gratification. Working through a tough job and having a good product is very gratifying. Noticing exceptional efforts and complementing the perpetrator usually makes me feel good. Helping someone learn, find an answer or solve a problem makes me feel good. In retrospect, my volunteer service in Scouts and Sports makes me smile. Things I have done for the greater good, such a national, state or community service make me happy. Spending time with my wife and family makes me happy, even simple things like going to garage sales together.

    I like treasure hunting too. Try looking at your state's unclaimed property department for money lost by your family, friends, favorite charities, city, county of business. tell them or show them what you found. They can then decide to take action to reclaim lost property.

    If you have parents or grandparents, go do something nice for them. Good quality time and you will both feel good about it.

    Good Luck!
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      Sep 25 2011: man, you are living it up!! Im actually checking into the unclaimed property thing now. Thank you for sharing!
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      Sep 25 2011: How do you suggest I go about starting to check the unclaimed property of my state ( California) I have never even thought of doing that before and it sounds like a blast and maybe a good TED presentation some time?
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    Sep 26 2011: things that makes me happy:
    1 Intellectual conversations
    2 Children's crazy and weird ideas
    3 A nice poem or music
    4 people caring one another
    the list could go on and on...
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    Sep 25 2011: Simple things make me happy. A smile from some one, even a stranger, a thumbs up from a fellow TED person, time with my horses, my dogs playing with me. When one of my students looks at me and says" is that all it takes?". I try to live my life centered around serving others without expectation of return, imitating Christ, learning and imitating the Celtic Saints, and smiling as much as possible. The TED talk on smile caused me to smile when we started school again under a brand new principal and new students. Hope this little note gives you a smile
  • Sep 25 2011: As you can see, different folks have different things that make them happy, but sometimes they are the same.
    I agree with those folks but the one thing that really makes me happy is when Someone takes the time to say "Thank You" to someone even if they don't know them.
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      Sep 25 2011: May I say THANK YOU for the thumbs up you have given me in the past?
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    Sep 25 2011: Depends.... but important thing is that one need to find reason to be happy, not that happiness itself will come and say I am here take me and be happy....

    Say today got a call from a friend after more than 10 years , it made my day a happy one....
    My kids smile & joy make me happy
    A singing bird makes me happy
    Looking at beautiful nature makes me happy
    People's effort to help people who are thousands miles apart makes me happy ......

    Actually there are lot to be happy if one wants to be so
  • Sep 26 2011: -Put on a happy face and walk confidently with long strides and arms swinging and eyes straight ahead.
    -Spend time with happy people.
    -Daydream about a time and place that you felt completely happy.
    -Close the door and the windows, put on your favorite music and sing as loud as you can. (Often this works best if you have a toy microphone or a real one!)
    -Create your own idea here and let me know what it is
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      Sep 26 2011: I was reading this blown, funny as hell lol
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    Sep 26 2011: Absence, the absence of not happy things.

    Without sounding all rainbows and sunshine; I'm naturally happy nothing exists as a catalyst to it.

    So when I'm not happy I don't add... I subtract
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    Sep 25 2011: The song in the heart of a teenager, the smile on a child's face, the touch of my partner's hand, the sun in the eyes of a stranger, the wind in my hair ... I can go on like this ... SO let it boil down to all the little things. :)
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    Sep 25 2011: A sunny day, a good book, with my husband by my side!
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    Sep 25 2011: I hope I do not sound too corny when I say that reading some of the stories of the people on TED conversations, their genuine goodness, their courage in overcoming, their great ideas and dedication to the causes they care about honestly makes me happy. When I see the constructive exchanges from people around the world and the spontaneous caring that happens, it makes me happy and hopeful.
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      Sep 25 2011: Totally agree with this. It's so awesome to hear people who think similar thoughts or bring refreshing points of view! Personally, I don't get to talk about the things I'm really interested in with people I see everyday, so going on here helps a ton
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    Sep 26 2011: Knowing I'm going to check out of this popsicle stand knowing that I did something to make the world a better place.
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    Sep 25 2011: Money.
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      Sep 25 2011: best post so far lmao!!!! Appreciate the honesty
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    Sep 26 2011: Give without expecting.
    Love to serve.
    Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam
  • Sep 25 2011: A good film. I hate to admit it but I like rom coms! A good old happy film, where the guy gets the girl and they walk off into the sunset. Love actually rates high on my list. I always feel great at the end of that film.