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What science and spirituality have in common.

I know there is a connection here...maybe its already been pointed out and highlighted somewhere. but i would like to bridge my understanding more.

I know a lot of great scientists are very humble,
I know many are sure that 'nothing observed is uneffected by the observer, the very act of observing changes what your outcome is'
I know scientists have to use keen observation and are confident enough in their findings to have them scrutineered
Isn't science the study of life?
Isn't spirituality similar.
oh and neither oppress women. as far as i know...lol.


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  • Sep 25 2011: newton says "for every action there is equal and opposite reaction"

    Hinduism says "the amount of love u show on others is same as you receive"
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      Sep 25 2011: cooool..i wish i knew more about hinduism and their messages.

      There is Einsteins theory of relativity too, one thing can only be defined relative to something defined as its opposite.

      eg, hot is not cold.

      I think einsteins theory seeks to explain relationship.
    • Sep 29 2011: Haha! Sorry but I can't help remembering this Jack Johnson song saying; Lord knows that the world is cruel, I ain't the lord, I'm just a fool, learning loving somebody doesn't make them love you.

      EDIT: I guess that the Buddhist "Bear no Hope" comes first. Don't expect anything in return if you show love.

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