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Should University students be treated as customers? If so, what are student/customers entitled to expect?

A not so recent shift has occurred in higher education, students believing they are customers. I would argue this belief may come at the expense of the students learning. While I am not against students having reasonable expectations, (ie teacher that actually show up- and teach up to date and interesting topics) I am opposed to students that believe that lectures and out of class learning should be an easy, unchallenged, stroll through the day. I believe part of receiving an education is to expect to be challenged, to expect to do some work, and to expect to examine beliefs in a critical manner.


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    Oct 3 2011: Yes. Customers, so long as they are there to buy learning. Students who believe they are buying degrees; students who don't want to be challenged... they are the problem.

    Students are paying for learning, should expect a high return of knowledge and insight for their money, and should be annoyed if they don't receive it.

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