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A website-based humanitarian L.A.R.P. (live action role playing) game.

Imagine you wake up; eat breakfast; and get ready for work. Now before you walk out the door, you log on to a PC role-playing game to accept a "quest". This quest is worth roughly 150 experience points (Enough to achieve a level-up).

The Quest: Pick up $10 worth of groceries. Deliver the parcel to the nearest food-bank.
Suddenly, there is a community of gamers "Pwning" hunger in cites across the country.
Now imagine your "guild" of players is charged with the quest of mobilizing to help a local community that was recently hit by a natural disaster. Now this is no side quest, so it will be worth major "XP" every gamer in the area is going to want to aid the effort.

Now imagine a child has gone missing. The internet hub will remained updated to any details. Like all quests, players are urged to to what they can....
It sounds ambitious; but these communities of gamers could LARP a major change in cities across the country....potentially across the globe.

The game would be free to play of course...but donations would ensure a player get the best gaming experience possible. Gamers that have acquired sizable amounts of "loot" will have no problem investing their loot towards the bigger picture:
Saving the world one quest at a time.

This idea not only could/should happen, but it needs to happen in some way/shape/form. The amount of effort a gamer will give to complete a goal is insurmountable. When that goal is to help their fellow man; everyone wins this game. Please, any and all input is welcome. My fellow TED-gamers must unite in this first, of many, quest to save the world.


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  • Oct 19 2011: James, fantastic idea. If you're getting bogged down the IT stuff I have a programmer friend, or two, who could possibly help.

    Prehaps to tie in with the idea floated by Michael Clancy, the ability of smart phones to post online the building you are in could help. Allowing your $/£/etc.10 quest for groceries & dropping off at a shelter to be trackable. Much like chain quests in other games. "Go here>talk to NPC>collecct berries for potion>administer potion" could read "Go to shop>buy clothes/food>go to shelter>take picture of smiling recipients>post online"

    I think it is a fantastic idea, would love to hear more. Prehaps you could LinkedIn me, or even set up a LinkedIn group to discuss further. Something you'd agree with Andrea? This would remove the time frame placed on this idea to be discussed here.

    Further to, I agree with Andrea. Grab yourself a patent, it would make your position stronger when looking for investers. I'd be happy to pocket-dip to see such an idea progress into real-world terms.

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