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A website-based humanitarian L.A.R.P. (live action role playing) game.

Imagine you wake up; eat breakfast; and get ready for work. Now before you walk out the door, you log on to a PC role-playing game to accept a "quest". This quest is worth roughly 150 experience points (Enough to achieve a level-up).

The Quest: Pick up $10 worth of groceries. Deliver the parcel to the nearest food-bank.
Suddenly, there is a community of gamers "Pwning" hunger in cites across the country.
Now imagine your "guild" of players is charged with the quest of mobilizing to help a local community that was recently hit by a natural disaster. Now this is no side quest, so it will be worth major "XP" every gamer in the area is going to want to aid the effort.

Now imagine a child has gone missing. The internet hub will remained updated to any details. Like all quests, players are urged to to what they can....
It sounds ambitious; but these communities of gamers could LARP a major change in cities across the country....potentially across the globe.

The game would be free to play of course...but donations would ensure a player get the best gaming experience possible. Gamers that have acquired sizable amounts of "loot" will have no problem investing their loot towards the bigger picture:
Saving the world one quest at a time.

This idea not only could/should happen, but it needs to happen in some way/shape/form. The amount of effort a gamer will give to complete a goal is insurmountable. When that goal is to help their fellow man; everyone wins this game. Please, any and all input is welcome. My fellow TED-gamers must unite in this first, of many, quest to save the world.


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    Sep 27 2011: A couple of ideas

    1 - It would have to become popular. Posting videos of the deeds (like planking) and encourage an unwritten rule to up-vote the videos to increase visability. It must become a meme.
    2 - include virtual charity like (my favorites) protein folding, planet hunting and galaxy zoo. We could form groups inside these communities with the Ted name on it (or whatever identity chosen).
    3 - discourage aggressive oneupsmanship. Its good to have competition but we don't want a toxic environment either. This probably won't happen in this community but the wider audience may get out of hand.
    4 - Make it about lots of small acts so people don't get discouraged.

    This is a great idea - I am on board

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