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Institutions of higher learning say that American high school graduates are not college-ready. How do we close the gap?

American high schools are producing graduates that are not able to complete globally. Where is the root of the problem?
Teachers who are not prepared to deliver 21st century learning;
Students who are not accepting the personal responsibility of school work;
Parents who are not pushing their children to succeed;
Curriculum that is outdated or ineffective;
Legislature that does not prioritize public education;
Universities and tech schools with unreachable and unmoving standards.
What's the solution to your perception of the shortcoming?
I'm a public school teacher and I'm most curious to see what individuals outside the profession of education believe.


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    Sep 26 2011: its simple buddy first your govt as far as i know just stop nosing in family let parents raise their children rather than bothering about kids being kicked by their parents. Parents won't kill their own children pls make ur govt understand that and this will solve most of the problems.. Americans are good learners but bad students but Asians or in particular Indians are the other way around :) its hard to make a good learner but to make a good student just a generation's flick for u guys..

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