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Change Through Imagination and Fiction: we need to communicate our ideas & visions to make them real.

I have been fascinated by the way how ideas and visions, especially related to new technologies, are communicated in real life (TED Talks, scientific conferences, academe) and in fiction (science fiction, cyberculture). I want to explore certain aspects of creativity, fiction, and technological utopia -- visions of the future, fuelled by innovation, new technologies, gadgets, visions, dreams, rumors related to high-tech and small-scale technologies.

One of my hypotheses is that we need imagination and fiction to communicate our visions in order to foster change; for better or worse. Every innvoation starts as pure fiction, so the more we imagine and envision, the more we will be able to innovate and to channel our imagination for positive change.

A commercial example: Steve Jobs had a very particular idea about personal computers and gadgets; the systems he built (as opposed to the ones Steve Wozniak favored) were (and are) "closed" systems, communicating a vision of completedness and a certain digital lifestyle.

A cultural example: TED Speakers use the TED platform -- and bend to the TED rules -- to communicate their ideas. Many Speakers have had special presentation training, many of them have stunning visualizations of their ideas -- impressive slides, fascinating computer animations to communicate their ideas and partly their fiction of what might be possible -- to share their visions and to help them become reality one day.

A scientific example: scientists come up with theories based on observations, then they try to make them real by experimenting, by observing, by comparing, by publishing papers, by talking to peers and eventually by finding evidence (at least in most cases).

Do you think fiction has the power to provoke change? Do you think we need fiction to give our visions more substance and to push them towards reality? Is fiction in everyday life settings powerful? Is fiction dangerous? Can fiction foster innovation and change?


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    Oct 11 2011: Simone:

    Thousands and Thousands of people are hurting, within this national and Global economies. here we are, a small Company trying to do our part to Create jobs, and forget about all of the other under-lying reasons, I have revealed to you... Many, many of the public says "Help Create Jobs, and regrow our way of life for the middle class" WE are doing that! Then there is always an "element" of people who try to undermine, any others, like Us Creating better lively-hoods for people, and enjoying what we do/are doing while working together for The Betterment of people of the world.

    Why does these "Elements" of people, wherever-whoever they are speed every minute of their days and nights seeking to try to destroy US, or anyone, who aspires to Create, Help, Grow, and Inspires others to achieve. I know, That is the GREAT Question of all Times....LOL

    It is just so Ironic that in knowing That Some of US are out here trying to pave better ways of life for many, and YET, CERTAIN "Elements" try to keep Monopolies clamped down, upon us and many small businesses, therefore limiting the Vast Potentials of Economic growth probabilities for many, many people who could benefit.

    IN the end, IF These "elements" keep people from economically growing or achievement, then WHO can afford to buy & Purchase their goods and services??

    IT all just seems so Criminally arrogant, and selfish, that it also Limits their own possibilities of their own economic lives.

    Do you see my Points? "Checks & Balances" that is a Poem, which I wrote, a long time ago.. and it always has, and always will seem to be so, so TRUE! I'll send you a Copy som day, if You like?

    Much Love & Friendship,

    Terry, AKA "the Warrior' Super Hero

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