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Country Absorption

Today, we hear about all these countries in the bottom of the world's wealth pool. We always think "That's so sad", but we never do anything. Larger, wealthier, more stable countries often send aid, but it's not nearly enough. If a country, like Canada, were to absorb a smaller country, the people of that country would receive all the help it needs. Eventually, the world would become equal and war could be prevented. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Sep 24 2011: I love it Desmond. As a fellow Canadian you may have read that we are paying 15 million dollars toward financing the police force of Costa Rica. Why not invite them to become part of Canada instead and we will all have a province to visit in the winter months and keep all of our travel dollars in 'Canada"!
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    Sep 24 2011: The "wealthy" countries are unable to adequately monitor and regulate themselves. What makes you think that we are capable of doing it for others as well? We should figure out how to help ourselves, and as we prosper, those around us will benefit from any progress that we make.

    The UN is similar to what you are suggesting, and you just need to look at that to see where all of the problems in your idea occur. Having one country absorb another, leads to increasing layers of politics and governing bodies, which does little more then suck up resources.
    • Sep 24 2011: You're speaking of the world's current system of order. My idea extends through your reality and into that of a more intelligently run one. I have more hope for the world, the current state of affairs is just sad. Is this what I want my children to see? No, I refuse to stand for it. Thank you for your feedback.
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        Sep 24 2011: I do not know how to fix the problems that my community currently faces. If I take my community, and overlay it on top of another, then all I succeed in doing is passing my own problems onto them. Most likely creating further unexpected problems, as the society that I'm absorbing has a different view of the world then myself.

        I'm not against helping others or improving the world. I just believe that the sharing of technology has more benefits then the sharing of wealth. That we find ways for other countries to help themselves. That way they can find their own correct path, while learning from our mistakes as opposed to repeating them.

        I suppose my largest complaint or concern, is that I do not want there to be two USA's in the world. One is more then enough.