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Can a balance between working and enjoying life really exist as described by schemes such as "enjoy more and suffer less"?

How many times have we heard someone talking about enjoying life, family and friends and not letting work absorb us? Nigel Marsh describes his perfect day yet he has never had it or how to have a balance between work and family without stop working. This is the same idea John Maeda proposes but the reality is that it seems almost impossible to achieve, specially when we want to achieve financial stability by means other than winning the lottery. So the question is, can this balance be truly achieved and has anyone achieved it? How close have people been to achieving it?

Me personally I doubt it can be achieved, but what can be done is have periods of hard work and then periods of enjoying life taking place at different times, not at the same time. What do you think?


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  • Sep 28 2011: I have just had a thought. I am sat here in a park at the moment reading a book and 'tedding' away in the sunshine whilst my daughter is in her dance class. I was pondering this thread and watching people coming and going around me and then it occurred to me. If we all just took ten minutes one day to seriously stop and take a good look at out lives in those ten minutes and evaluate where we are going and what we are doing then there might be some positive life balance decisions made that might result in change for the good. A time to evaluate the important things in life.

    So come on tedsters let's all start' a 10 minute to change your life' day.
    • Sep 28 2011: I think you are right, maybe we keep thinking too much on work and how we enjoy life that we we really need is a pause to think and clear one's mind for a moment

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