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Unified Billing Database

all the computer billing systems in India should be brought under one roof so that each item sold by the buyer is entered into governments database so that there is no way of escaping from paying low service tax by companies,shops etc.

  • Sep 24 2011: its just in India,all the stores have to subit annual audit t revenue unit.from that the government will calculate the tax for thr institution,organisation etc.But everyone projects an under estimate figure to government to pay low tax.My concept is to introduce a UNIFIED BILLING SYSTEM throughout India(first).All computerised bills generated in all institues should work in a unified government database.every institute wil be given user id and password by Unifiied system.all the transactions will be stored under one roofso projecting a lower figure is almost impossible.And frquent raids to industries,shops etc will make this system effective.This will increase my natiional income by 36%(approx)
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    Sep 24 2011: Can you expand for me? like i am all for unity, will this offer more transparency or just control...maybe if people were able to see the billing data base and keep it seen?