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Is There Any Relation Between Cosmic Ray And Earthquake???And When ???Where???

Is There Any Relation Between Cosmic Ray And Earthquake???And When ???Where???

  • Sep 24 2011: It's very easy to find out!

    Build a 400m thick lead shell around earth, then wait and see if the frequency of earthquakes changed.

    But if you also want to stop the neutrinos, then you'll need a thicker shell. (1 light-year thick shell probably)
  • Sep 23 2011: There is currently a conspiracy that states the Comet ELENIN, the "Comet" that is currently traveling through our solar system, could be planet X, a Brown Dwarf, or a Neutron Star, now however unlikely this is, the only reason i keep it in mind is that every large siezmic event over the past 2 years has happened on a day, key word ON a day, that this Anomaly, the Sun, and the Earth have been aligned, the next 2 alignments are 9/26/2011, 11/3/2011, but on 10/17/2011 this anomaly will be less than 1/4 the distance between the earth and sun, to us, at a mere .23 AU away from us, now if this is a comet nothings going to happen and in the next week it will be obvious if it is just a theory, or a possibility, but if this is acutally is planet X, a brown dwarf, or a neutron star, alot of things could happen , from the magnetic poles of our planet switching, having our planet pulled closer to the sun, or farther away, and so much more, so it is fully possible that cosmic events can effect our planet, the question is, when, and where?
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    Sep 23 2011: I don't think anyone knows.