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Has a TED Talk ever influenced you? How?

We get beautiful feedback on how much people appreciate watching TED Talks. But as well as learning, has a talk ever actually changed your (or someone else's) behavior? Or led to something intriguing? I'm curious to get some stories about how an idea can have impact... big or small, significant or just funny. I may share a couple of the best at TED2011 next week.

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Closing Statement from Chris Anderson

Many thanks to all who answered. I found a lot of these responses really moving. My take away is that perhaps the biggest single impact of TED Talks is in expanding peoples' sense of possibility and thereby motivating them to get up and realize their potential.

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    Feb 26 2011: You have recently experienced a major loss in your life yet you will bring so much optimism and hope to all of through the TED venues and sharing of ideas. I continually find that sharing various TED talks in my classes and workshops provides the kind of perspective that all of need to have now and in the future. Often it is not one talk but the threads through many talks that weave differently for each of us. My tapestry will be different that yours but yet common elements and threads.
    Thanks for providing a platform from which we can weave our tapestries.

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