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Has a TED Talk ever influenced you? How?

We get beautiful feedback on how much people appreciate watching TED Talks. But as well as learning, has a talk ever actually changed your (or someone else's) behavior? Or led to something intriguing? I'm curious to get some stories about how an idea can have impact... big or small, significant or just funny. I may share a couple of the best at TED2011 next week.

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Closing Statement from Chris Anderson

Many thanks to all who answered. I found a lot of these responses really moving. My take away is that perhaps the biggest single impact of TED Talks is in expanding peoples' sense of possibility and thereby motivating them to get up and realize their potential.

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    Feb 25 2011: Of all the TEDtalks many have influenced my thinking and perspective.

    What has most influenced me from TED at large is how the TED brand has touched and influenced the way people percieve ideas and how they can be shared and ultimately brought to life.

    The mechanics and succes strategy in activating video in TEDtalks, licensing the TEDx formats and open translation of content in itself has been a major source of inspiration.

    It has changed my behaviour and business practices and how I spend my time contributing.

    TED has touched many because it is cool, innovative and understandable for many yet tackles huge challenges much bigger than most can have.

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