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What is the most inspiring speech you have heard?


This speech was made by Charlie Chaplin in his movie 'The Great Dictator' and it has always inspired me since I first saw it. So my question to you all is this: What speech have you heard or a talk you have seen on TED that inspires you to be a good person or gives you a brighter outlook on life?

PS: A link to the speech/talk would be appreciated if possible.


Closing Statement from Gaurav Gujral

Thanks everyone for the great links, its been a blast looking at all these speeches and getting the chance to share some of the talks that inspire me has been great.

So once again, thanks :)

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    Oct 22 2011: i was really inspired by Jobs and his speech in Stanford. During listening from time to time i recognized my own thoughts but something was absolutely new. In fact, many expressions from this speech should be written somewhere to the book of wisdom (if it exists). I am so thankful to Steve for sharing
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      Oct 22 2011: Seems to me that Job's speech at Stanford is a top pick for a lot of people. Can't blame them really, its a great speech :)

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