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If there is no such thing as "perfection" why do we thrive for the end of world hunger?

Some say perfection can not be found, and it should not be wanted. If that is true, why do we thrive for the ending of world hunger, end of cancer, everybody has a home etc. We want it, but what we are asking for is a perfect world. Should we continue to search for it, and accept the fact it may never happen.

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    Sep 23 2011: I am not so sure Callie that "there is no such thing as perfection"

    When my daughter first smiled at me, it was perfect, all else was irrelevant.
    Whenever I write a sentence that flows effortless onto my page, it is perfection, nothing else compares.
    The day I realized that we may never know all of the answers, or even ask all of the questions, was a perfect day for me.

    Perfection is subjective when compartmentalized within our own ideals, of course when compared to others our own concepts may fall short. Because perfection is subjective, we may never agree when we get there as a group. And because there are always critics nothing may ever seem perfect, except in the eyes of the individual beholder.

    Ending World Hunger or realizing the individuals dream of home ownership; our dreams of world peace and acceptance of each individual as unique and valuable. These are all human ideals which are noble in scope and desirable in their depth. We must always endeavor to walk this path vigorously and determinedly.

    Setting our goals high is not a pursuit of perfection but rather it is an awareness of our limitations, that we hope would take us closer to our shared ideals when we do fall short.
    This exercise (pursuit of perfection) is never one in futility but rather one of hope and and celebration of what is best of the human spirit and longing.

    Our pursuit of perfection, human ideals must never be abandoned simple because we may never agree that we have attained it.
    What other worthwhile pursuit is there?
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      Sep 24 2011: I pursue self improvement, not perfection.
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        Sep 24 2011: How will you know when you have improved self?
        Progress must always be compared to some ideal, some desired goal or outcome.

        It has been said that the basis of all success is change, therefore if self improvement is the goal then change must be the impetus.

        All the best in your journey of self improvement, the world will be a better place when everyone strive to be better.
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          Sep 24 2011: I will know when I have improved, when I can look back and am happy with the change that I see. Progress does not need to have an ideal, as the ideal is different for each individual. It also draws on the problem of knowing what perfection is. Perfection is as subjective and unmeasurable as self improvement. The difference is that perfection allows for failure. If our view of perfection, conflicts with reality, then we have failed to reach perfection. The other problem that I see with perfection, is what do you do once you're there?

          If the basis of all success is change, and self improvement is the goal, then the journey to your goal is filled with nothing but success.
        • Sep 24 2011: Could progress be measured by comparing the present to the past? If you had relationship issues with a friend, you make some efforts in your life, and these issues go away, you know you have made progress.
    • Sep 24 2011: I am simply going to say that, Perfection will always remain in the eye of the beholder, so we can see perfection in our own perspective, but a perfect world cannot exist unless everyone thinks it is perfect.
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        Sep 24 2011: And so we may never get there Harvey and even if we do we will never have consensus, but could you imagine if we embarked on that journey toward perfection together?
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    Sep 25 2011: Yes, the perfection cannot be found on this earth at least but it should be wanted .
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    Sep 24 2011: I think we strive to end things like world hunger , disease, hatred, and war etc. because of compassion for others. You see it when little children comfort each other when one is in pain. Perfection can be a driving force for us to improve the world around us in the unique way we are each talented. Perfection is also a very personal ideal. The perfect piece of art for you may have no meaning to me. The perfect pizza for you may have meat on it. I as a heart patient cannot have much meat so my perfect pizza has great veggies!!! The question I have to ask is are there universal measures of perfection? In my mind yes there are but I can never achieve them alone and need others to help me get there. Yet, maybe it is not achieving perfection that matters at all but the journey on the way and the people we meet and the things we experience that are what perfection is all about in the end. Much like the group called TED and each person who participates.
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    Sep 24 2011: Mike Euverman, I agree with you somewhat.
    As you improve self, then the better you, the new you that you are happy with is compared to the you that you were right? So that puts you on a lifelong quest to improve self, which is terrific but how does that in itself impact the Global community?
    The question was though; "Is there such a thing as perfection? And, if not, why do we strive for perfect solutions to the worlds problems?
    I believe that we've both agreed on the first part of that question, perfection is not measurable and may not even be able to be defined.
    The second part of that question though is where I believe we differ in approach. I believe that collectively we must endeavor to pursue ideals even as we continually fall short. While you believe solutions lie in the individuals self determination. I accept that individuals are the answer, but a collected push is required right to solve much of the ills we see in our communities right now.
    What do you think?
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      Sep 24 2011: I agree that there are perfect moments. If anyone attempts to tell you that your child's smile isn't perfect, clearly isn't a parent. I'm also not against perfection being a goal. Just my concern rests on when people believe that perfection is actually attainable. Even when we are "perfect", we aren't, as we are always capable of making a mistake. It's with that mentality that I prefer to view improvement as the goal, as it implies that there is always room to grow beyond what we are currently.

      Well, I believe that we strive for a "perfect solution" because it gives us the idea that our problems are only temporary.

      I do not know how to solve world hunger, but I do know how my philosophy of self improvement, translates onto the problem. Rather then looking at the end goal, of how do we feed everyone and end world hunger, I see it as, how do we feed a portion. Once we are feeding that portion, then we expand and figure out how to feed an ever increasing percentage of the population. How do we feed 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%... the more we figure out how to do it on a small scale, the more we know how to improve. We take it one step at a time, as opposed to only looking at the end goal of perfection.

      Perfection or improvement, the more important thing is that we take action when the opportunity arises.
  • Sep 24 2011: It's not because you'll never reach a goal that it isn't worth trying to get as close as possible to that goal.

    And I don't think that a world where there's no hunger, cancer and homeless people would be perfect. If fact I think that we would still be far from perfection, even if we really managed to achieve all that.

    And also, since this goal is not perfect at all, it means it's a goal far within our reach! So I'm pretty optimistic.

    EDIT: Actually, after giving a second thought it's really the path toward perfection that is interesting. A perfect world would actually be boring as hell! It's the challenges we overcome, the things we achieve despite our imperfection that make life so incredible! Seriously, who wants to go in heaven? It's so much more fun down here!
  • Sep 24 2011: Of course its what drives my education, i would love to be part of that change, i completely agree, and because that perfection is in the perspective we can only guide our fellow man to understand if they choose to listen.
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      Sep 24 2011: People who choose positive change and to pursue lofty goals in an attempt to make our world a better place must embark on that journey no matter whom else chooses to follow. When there are enough of us on that road we will see a better world, not a perfect one (I think Mr Kebabsoup mused about how boring that may be and I concur :)
      • Sep 24 2011: I fully agree, and thats what im saying is that we have to all think salike to actually see something as perfect, so long as there is different perspectives the chances of making something perfect remain near impossible
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    Sep 24 2011: imperfection isn't a fact to me. its not even true to me.
    • Sep 24 2011: haha I like that optimistic spirit. I guess we could prove that perfection is impossible because of entropy and laws of thermodynamics, but let's just keep thinking it's still possible!
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    Sep 23 2011: I dont think we are asking for a perfect world- just people in it that care enough to try. The effort is more important than the outcome.
    • Sep 23 2011: I am going to agree, curing world hunger does not make our world perfect, just better for all, and the reason perfection is impossible is because of chaos, the coexistence of multiple freethinking sentient lifeforms all with their own ideas and thoughts of how things should be done and expressed, the experiences they have all individually had and will have, because of that the only way a perfect world would exist, would be if we were a hive mind, just every single person was the same, no religion, or only one religion, one gov, or no gov, equality, no greed, nothing to live for essentially, in which case, does that really sound perfect? and the reason i say that would be the perfect world is not because that is my perfect world, but the only way that everyone would be complacent. in which case to them it would be perfect because they are all one entity. and to one mind perfection is possible is the thoughts of others do not interfere.
      • Sep 24 2011: "the coexistence of multiple freethinking sentient lifeforms all with their own ideas and thoughts of how things should be done and expressed, the experiences they have all individually had and will have"

        Actually, we could admit this as a definition of perfection, and now we are given the opportunity to make the best out of this perfect world.