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Creativity requires the shutting down of inhibitions and working memory and yet when our kids do this we try to "cure" them.

Your research seems to indicate that in order to be creative and to improvise a lot of the "executive" functioning of the brain needs to be "switched off" or ignored. I have 2 children. One who performs well at school, does everything required from the system with great "discipline" another who I've been told has poor working memory, ADHD, etc. However the one with the "problems" is the one who picks up his viola and invents music rather than just practicing. The one who comes up with way out of the box ideas and questions, who is amazingly creative in art, who sees things that no one else notices.
And this is something the school is trying to "cure" ...


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  • Sep 29 2011: My youngest child who is 13 is consider ADHD. She also has poor working memory. She is calling herself one of the IEP kids. I always remind her that that is not who she is. She love's music! She currently is learning to play the trumpet. She is wonderful at this, quite a natural at it. She also has a small set of drums, a keyboard and a guitar at home. She bounces from one to the other everyday. She is also quite good at figuring out the computer at home. I could go on and on, but sadly some people are only looking to see if she is on the A honor roll.
    I believe we are destoring our children based on a test.

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