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idea am proposing is first we shouldnt be corrupt

now a days corruption has become a vast threat to the countrys development.
i think due to corruption only our INDIA still exists as a devoloping country but not the devoloped one

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    Sep 23 2011: Its not only corruption. There are other reasons too like our political system, leadership, literacy, etc.
    Many people don't even know their own right as well as responsibility.. We need a major political and social reform and awareness in our country!
  • Sep 23 2011: Hi Aishlwarya. ( SP?) I wish your India, all the best! Humans INVENTED corruption. Please tell your elected officials, to keep your "developing country", in their best interest. India is A vast of under developed humans. Yes? No ? America is A vast of spoiled humans. (love the welfare) With Respect to You. Good luck on your developing country. This was an interesting idea! What say you, (smart humans?) Take Care!