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The six apps spring from the use of the pronoun "I" and "mine" by the westerner, both framing and arming the individual to be autonomous.

Power shifts to the people due to the use of a first person pronoun (capital "I") and (mine) thus ownership on the individual and responsibility for ones' actions. Conversations with like minded individuals ensued leading to debate, reason, the scientific method, etc. "I think therefore I am, Give ME liberty or give ME death - erodes the heirarchical system - the special family, the one's decreed uniquely by god whose whims and superstitions were "sacred". Heirarchial thinking still exists (if you follow U.S. politics).
Let us look back in the history of heirarchy to Babylon/Sumeria 5000 B.C. where heirarchy was created. The tower of babel is the reference to heirarchy and it's original framing. Called cuneifrom, it's earliest from is a round elongated disk which had six unique marks. It arose as an IOU system (for noting debt). Babylonians forget god and saw themselves as the creative source, instead of an abundant God. Scarcity principle follows "this is MINE, you owe me, we must write this down!" So alphanumerical writing began as a form of billing! From this arose the notion of heirarchy - you owe ME, you are below me! Women became property, also racism, caste, slavery,etc.
The heirarchy frame, "I am above you" becomes written or encased in the
alphabet. And the "I" is reserved to the owning class. The owned has no "I" per se. Soon heirarchy marches around the mediterranean as the enslaved and ego-possessed babylonian army displaces the tribal minded peoples who were using a form of written natural images (glyphs) based on natural observable laws of fareness, humility and natural harmony - the preferred pronoun WE and collective thinking is lost. 6000 years later in 1492 Europeans claim to "own" the Americas.
Please know this, we have forgot the use of images.
The alphabet entertains the illusion of owning, images promise something more! Today, neuroscience suggests that the use of images may be the missing key to harmonious and healthy brain navigation.

  • Sep 26 2011: Niall is partly right, but not completely.

    He is right about medicine, science, organization and law. The work ethic is a no-go. But property rights in particular are much more involved and complicated. In the West we previously may have shared property better than in the far East. But just at the moment it is because of the laws that RESTRICT our sharing of landed property and the opportunities it provides, that are causing our faltering national economies. The present monopolization in land values in the West (and starting to be felt in the East too), cause much useful land to be wasted. It is held out of use by the speculators in its value. The use of tax-payer's money by government to improve the infrastructure only makes the land more useful and valuable and pours more money into the speculator's pockets and away from the working classes'.

    As land value speculation grows the greater rents and costs of produce have the effect of reduced the demand. Consequently there is less employment and greater poverty. When in the East the land was not well shared, the progress was very slow. It is rising not so much because of new technology but because more people now have a chance to do useful work. And now in the East there are commercial empires developing whose land ownership will begin to follow what we in the West already experience, the business cycle of boom and bust which overall raises the rich to greater heights and empoverishes the less rich into squallor. This instability is directly linked to land prices.

    The idea behind this claim came from Henry George in 1879, but there was so much corruption then, as to control the spread of the use of this principle except in a few places like Johannasberg, Tiwan, Denmark (in part) and the British colonies of Shanghi and Hong-Kong, all the governments of which at some stage collected the potential rent due from land values instead of more "regular" taxation methods.

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    Sep 23 2011: Just decades ago a tribe was contacted in South America that didn't had a word in their language for "I'.
    "I", didn't exist yet among those people. So, this process you describe is still going on today.
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    Sep 23 2011: Insightful comment, with which I agree. Thanks.
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    Sep 23 2011: Exactly Johnny! But I also acknowledge that the I(s) and Mine(s) were better spread thanks to some of those killer apps.
    The apps that are badly missing are.......sustainability, ethics, compassion, equality to name a few.
    Like I heard once, the mafia and the organised crime can have great work ethics too!