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One cure for world hunger, Where do we start?

Though I am not a scientist or what not, I watched some documentaries and one really dumbfounded me, supposedly the International Beef market feeds there cows enough grain per year to feed 8 billion mouths per year...With something like this, what would be the best way to start working on the world hunger problem? How can we start? what can we do to actually change this?

  • Sep 22 2011: Why not let those who want to go move closer to where the food is, those who find their land sacred could stay and be more easily fed. Why is it that the armies in these nations always look healthy while the children starve.
  • Sep 22 2011: I fully agree, but the Chinese diet is fairly healthy, and they use meat more as a condiment, well as far as i know that is, large amount of veggies and grain, small piece of meat, and in general are fairly fit people, im not in any way saying meat shouldn't be around because i love it too, but limiting the consumption of meat, especially mass production meat, i just dont know, changes like this could very well change humanity, but they are really hard changes, bred into our society, culture, and brains, Just something i thought i would see what others thought xD
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    Sep 22 2011: meat is just so yummy though.