Kevin McGuire

President, UVTechnologies LLC

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Prevent colds, flu, and ear infections using light to produce hydrogen peroxide in nasal, oral and ear passages to kill bacteria and viruses

My idea is based on these principles: People mostly get sick from airborne germs. The nasal, oral, and ear passages offer a direct path for germs to enter the body. Worldwide, people tend to have less colds, flu, and ear infections when daylight is more plentiful. The body produces hydrogen peroxide in the upper skin cells when it is exposed to daylight through the process of photo-oxidation. The use of hydrogen peroxide is a safe, natural, and effective way of killing germs. Exposure to 380nm light is a safe and effective way to produce hydrogen peroxide within the nasal, oral, and ear passages. A LED light source that emits light in a narrow beam is a low cost, dependable, easily transportable way to deliver germ killing hydrogen peroxide producing light that helps prevent colds, flu, and ear infections. If people take the precaution to kill germs in their nasal, oral, and ear passages as regularly as they disinfect or wash their hands, more than 500 billion dollars in lost wages, doctor bills and medications will be saved per year in the U.S. alone something worth pursuing. To see a photo of the device and learn more on my test marketing site visit Thanks.

Closing Statement from Kevin McGuire

My technology uses the body's immune system to kill germs. It makes the body's immune system more efficient and helps focuses its attention to areas where germs and infection are most prevalent. The body naturally produces hydrogen peroxide in the skin when exposed to the sun's rays. I've isolated the wavelengths of light that are safe on the skin, effective in producing hydrogen peroxide, and deliver that light using a small, solid-state, easy to use device. Another benefit of the body using hydrogen peroxide to kill germs are the benign by-products of oxygen and water. In addition, a study by Harvard University also found that white blood cells are attracted to areas of the body with elevated levels of hydrogen peroxide. This approach uses a natural means of fighting germs that has millions of years of evolution on its side. This is my idea I wanted to share.