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Unions, necessary or not?

Unions were created during the Industrial Revolution to give workers rights. They needed these rights to combat the monopolies of the time. As a result we have, in America and several other countries: a minimum wage, collective bargaining, safe working conditions, and several other rights.

They were necessary during that time, as business had carte blanche over the workers. However, during this day and age, are they needed?

Do the unions do more to hurt businesses and consequently hurt the economy? Or are they necessary for the continuation of worker's rights?

Are unions necessary or not?


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  • Sep 24 2011: Definitely Yes Andrew. I work for the Executive Branch of Government and Union protection is absolutely necessary. If our own Government requires unions to operate efficiently I am sure they are needed elsewhere. People are not flawless and emotions dictate owns actions more often than not. Some personnel actions can ruin ones career indefinitely and cannot be amended easily if at all. Checks and balances don't always work but it's the best system I'm aware of.

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