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Why don't "the people" tell the news? Why do we make media companies responsible for reporting our news?

After an amazing Live Conversation with Julia Bacha today on encouraging the media to cover nonviolence leaders, I couldn't help wondering why don't people make the news?

Why do we let media companies tell us what the news is, as if we have no idea what's going on in our own backyards? We ARE the news. We make the news what is it, and yet it's not even decided by us. Why is this?

Why do we feel it's the responsibility of media companies to report on us instead of the other way around?

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    Sep 24 2011: I really don't know what makes certain organizations just responsible for giving people what they want to know not the truth.
    given the term "truth" is totally vague
    so these organizations tell what's possible to be said
    given the fact that "meetings" are all closed
    afterwards "they" tell what is supposed to be said
    meanwhile, you see journalists have their sources or when they run like crazy to be the first to receive the news
    this mechanism is old fashion
    I personally don't understand, the environment has changed though "they" keep governments family like
    as it's for certain people, who said that?
    why do we have governments at all?
    security??!!!, we have governments now, we are not secure
    I think sometimes maybe terror is a move from governments themselves to keep being in power
    this age is gone, and so shall the system governing the old approach
    I really keep thinking what makes me believe what was told in the news is right
    is it possible to check how correct the news were!, sure no
    I can go on, when an old guy talking to his young children, is it always the truth said there? or what the father thinks suite the kid, assuming when he grows "enough" he would know
    at that time, he will be going for some time trying to figure out the benefits, consequently coping with the idea

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