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Why don't "the people" tell the news? Why do we make media companies responsible for reporting our news?

After an amazing Live Conversation with Julia Bacha today on encouraging the media to cover nonviolence leaders, I couldn't help wondering why don't people make the news?

Why do we let media companies tell us what the news is, as if we have no idea what's going on in our own backyards? We ARE the news. We make the news what is it, and yet it's not even decided by us. Why is this?

Why do we feel it's the responsibility of media companies to report on us instead of the other way around?

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  • Sep 21 2011: First you need an educated and unbiased people, dedicating most of their time to researching and doing a good job at communicating basic ideas. Most media may be biased or simple entertainment and have low quality, but bombarding us with more low quality and mediocre media, making it harder to find the critical thinking in high quality media is not a good solution. That's what chit-chatter, gossip, twitter and fb are for. All in all, you can have people spread the message, but for a good analysis, there has to be an effort and preparation.

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