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Employee Empowerment, is it a tool for organizational development or it is just a general motivational factor, in this economy.

Employee empowerment has over the years been regarded as a general motivational toll, however with the dawning of the global economy some organizations have taken the subect to their advantage by embracing a holistic approach to empowerment and ensure the related initiatives like;worker participation, training, information sharring , wellness mangement and employee share empowerment schemes, would ensure organizational competitiveness is mantained and that an organization would be flexible , considering the changing economy world-wide

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    Oct 1 2011: Employee empowerment can be a great tool. Yet, I have seen it used as a mask by management to fool workers into working harder for no gain. Saturn cars had true employee empowerment to some degree and yet the makers took them off of the market. Schools are supposed to be teacher empowered but they are run by federal rules, state rules, tests, hidden and open agendas, the old boy/girl system, union rules, societal rules, and many other rules. A teacher has no real empowerment to teach what they feel is best for the students. State tests to be passed, teacher reviews, parental desires all have locus of control as well as politically controlled text book publishers.
    I have only heard of one person to fully implement employee empowerment and that was J. Paul Getty. At one time he came to an oil well that was not producing and could not find the engineer. He gave half ownership in the well to the men who worked the rig. The production went through the roof and he could not get the engineer in to town for meetings. Maybe I am trying to say that true employee empowerment is when the employees are part owners of the company and have a strong say it how it is run and receive part of the profits and suffer part of the losses. At least that is what my reading has lead me to believe
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    Sep 20 2011: But is it a strategic thing to just implement it with the goal for individual satisfaction or its rather morestragic and fitting to use it for a dual cause; motivation and most essentially organisational development.
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    Sep 20 2011: Even if it is a motivational factor will not it work for organisational development ?

    Like all other things end result depends up to one's hand (individual & / Organisation) how it is implemented with what objective.