Michelle Rosenthal

social worker, Dr Susan Smith McKinney Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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Help Ecological Recovery and Global Truce Anonymous 12 Step and 12 Tradition Fellowship self help support groups for humanity begin + grow.

I have always felt a pressing desire to find a way to help humanity as a whole with some of the most pressing issues facing us. Humans are advancing in highly technical fields of medicine, computers and technology etc and that is great, however, we still have longstanding problems such as war, poverty and disease that just don't seem to go away. They still need to be addressed by us all. Many TED speakers are so inspiring and really challenge all of us to get involved personally with the issues around the world even if they are not directly related to our own field of expertise. Helping promote peace and proper care of the environment is all of our responsibility. I am bringing to everyone's attention that you can still participate in Jeremy Gilley's peace one day efforts this year and begin planning for next year. To get a permanent Global Truce- Cease fire will take all of our attention and effort. We see we can not just leave it to the politicians. If we really want and need peace we all may ask ourselves what can and will we all actually do to get it going? I see an opportunity to help humanity by suggesting you take actions to create 12 Step Anonymous Fellowships to deal with the underlying problems that we have which result in our harming the environment and ourselves. There are yahoogroups posting sample 12 step formats. We may look at the consequences resulting from our behaviors, choices, decisions, actions and compulsions. Listed on PeaceOneDay.org website are meet ups and activities that were organized around the world in support of Peace One Day. You may throw an impromptu peace party 9/21/11 or participate in the first ever telephone conference in support of Peace One Day for Global Truce Anonymous on 9/21/11 from 8pm - to Midnight Eastern and weekly phone conferences will be held on Sundays from 1pm -2pm Eastern. The phone conference # (510) 423 9150 ID: 73223. Sat 9-11AM Are these ideas worth spreading, participating in, promoting?