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How can we encourage mainstream media coverage of Israeli and Palestinian nonviolence leaders?

I would love to hear concrete suggestions for how we can encourage mainstream media coverage of Israeli and Palestinians who are working nonviolently to resolve the conflict and end the occupation. I am also happy to answer questions from the TED community.


Closing Statement from Julia Bacha

Thanks everybody for an amazing Q&A. You had some really great ideas and we'd love to continue hearing from you. Please join our Just Vision facebook page and follow us on twitter @justvisionmedia

It's really important for us to continue this conversation, since Israel and Palestinian nonviolent activists are particularly vulnerable at this sensitive time, while the world's attention is focused on the UN vote and the larger political picture.

We've actually seen several troubling cases of violence and intimidation used against these activists over the past few days and weeks, and they're facing an escalating crackdown from Israeli and Palestinian security forces. That's why its more important than ever to pay attention to what these grassroots leaders are doing, both to ensure that their message reaches as broad an audience as possible at this crucial time, and to guarantee that no extremist or militant elements are able to silence their voices.

Social media came up on many of the posts today as a powerful tool for spreading the message. We would love you to join us tomorrow, Wednesday, 21st September, for a FREE online broadcast of BUDRUS on mubi.com/films/budrus

Please share the broadcast link with all your friends and let's do this together.

And see you all at the premiere of Budrus at the TED Playhouse :) :)


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