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What's your TED habit?

I'm curious to understand better how people are watching TED Talks.

Just randomly when someone sends you a link?

At the weekend when you have some extra time?

Daily on a commute or work-out?

Weekday evenings with your family?

An in-depth gorge every couple months?

Even if someone else has given the same answer as you, please add a brief comment. The better we understand your TED habit, the better we can help nurture it!


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    Sep 30 2011: I watch them for a variety of reasons. If there's someone I want to get a better sense of in the context of their area of expertise I'll watch their TED Talk, even if I watched them live on the TED stage. I've been doing a lot of work on innovative education so I'll look at some of those TED Talks, take notes or sometimes send their links to others to include in our discussions. We'll include some appropriate ones for our V2 website both to recommend and also to include in future discussions. I've been working on critical thinking skills for our educational initiatives so I just watched Michael Sandel and Ken Robinson's talks. I recommend some on my various social networking sites. Since I'm on the TEDxSF Organizing Committee we're always looking for TED Talks to include in our events so I look for good ones for that purpose. I also recommend some of the best ones to our speakers as examples to emulate. Sometimes I watch ones I missed at TED, often the TED University talks, or ones from other TEDx's. I particularly like to recommend them to people who have time on their hands due to age, illness, or bad fortune. It's such a treasure trove of extraordinary ideas that I need to keep an eye on my clock or the time will fly by. Chris, thank you again for making these available online.

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