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What's your TED habit?

I'm curious to understand better how people are watching TED Talks.

Just randomly when someone sends you a link?

At the weekend when you have some extra time?

Daily on a commute or work-out?

Weekday evenings with your family?

An in-depth gorge every couple months?

Even if someone else has given the same answer as you, please add a brief comment. The better we understand your TED habit, the better we can help nurture it!

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    Wael JABI

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    Sep 19 2011: i enjoy watching TED before i go to bed during the work week. i love it so much that i share it with friends via email. but i realized i dont get "satisfied" when i simply send them the link. i want to be there when they finish watching and want to have discussions with them.

    thats how i came up with the simple idea of TED @ Home. i basically send out an open-invite to colleagues and friends to come over to my place once every 2 weeks and we have discussions and debates over pre-selected talks (TED talks chosen by the audience).

    The discussion that happens truly adds value to every person in the "event". its a lot of fun and we get to really bond and connect with each other in ways we would never do normally in our usual busy lifestyles.

    i wish more people did this!
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      Sep 19 2011: I LOVE this idea:>)
    • Sep 20 2011: I also love this idea. Besides my daily visit during lunch, TED is one of my go-to procrastination/brainstorming tools. It's fun to wallow in for awhile before starting a project. I feel like it helps me to think outside of the box, so to speak. I also have a few favorites that I watch over and over when I need a pick-me-up. I love it when I get an opportunity to watch a TED talk with someone else, but it seems that not everyone is as enthusiastic about the talks as I am. I would love to hook up with some people in the Bay Area that do this TED@Home piece!
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    Oct 13 2011: If I see something interesting, but I don't have enough time to watch it, I'd favorite so I can watch it later. Maybe implement a "Watch Later" button, like on youtube?
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    Oct 4 2011: Totally thrilling reading these responses. I can count 8 or 9 distinct 'habits', and it's really got me thinking about how we can serve them better. For one thing, I had no idea so many people watched a TED talk last thing at night. Maybe we need a special lullaby option at the end of each talk! Thanks, all, for responding. Really helpful.
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      Oct 4 2011: A "lullaby option" sounds GREAT Chris....LOL:>)
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      Oct 12 2011: believe me Chris It is totally Thrilling to see you here

      by the way amazing conversation thanks for starting it.
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      Oct 17 2011: Awesome for TED lullaby
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        Oct 18 2011: Juliette, off topic, but I noticed you changed your "outfit", which reminds me that if winter doesn't wait a bit, I will miss New England's fall again!
        I went last year and drove around at leisure -lovely, but Thanksgiving was too late for the fire display. Yet is the window I have, so I'll try again this year. Please, tell the leaves to hang in there!
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      Oct 18 2011: No lullaby for me, please! If not, I 'll get sleepy after my first one, and won't be able to take a healthy dose, as usual!
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        Oct 18 2011: Thanks Karina, I could not resist this leaf. Foliage colors are absolutely gorgeous. I'll pass on your message to the leaves :-)
        The lullaby - TED Talks are really awakening, inspiring and seriously uplifting. On me, some times they have the effect of a double espresso. Which could be a problem when I need to fall asleep !! So I thought long about what Chris had written, and realized he is a genius to suggest a lullaby. It would be a good unwinding tool for the stimulated mind to make a gradual decent from elevated heights and a smooth landing into enchanted sleep.
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      Oct 19 2011: lullaby option sounds great. The only thing that works against it right now is the loud TED theme that plays before and after every single talk...

      the way i usually watch TED videos, is when I need to do some mindless work, and i absolutely HAVE to get through it... that's when TED helps...
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    Sep 27 2011: to me TED is more of a Habitat rather than a Habit
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    Oct 10 2011: I usually go through TED-conversations on daily basis during my work breaks which were previously smoke breaks. I have kicked out smoking just because of TED as whenever I feel like having a smoke break, I just enter in the word of conversations where people from all round the globe sharing their views for something interesting and rejuvenating. TED talks I prefer to hear before going to bed to relieve all day stress and after waking up, to have positive energy through out the day. Thanks TED for making my world smoke free.
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    Oct 7 2011: Dear Chris,

    My TED habit varies.
    -At this moment, I check the website daily. As the latest Talk downloads I first read through the comments and then watch the Talk. It may happen that I am in a period where I can just incidentally visit the site. In that case I check the ‘newest releases’.
    -I’m fairly new to this medium so I downloaded many previous Talks which I watch randomly at a more convenient time, at home. At one time I carried a few favorite uploaded Talks on my iPod to watch, for example, while waiting in line.
    -When I have the time (actually, many times even when I don’t :) I enjoy browsing through some of the conversations and educate myself, amuse myself with the information (including links) and variety of views provided by others. Whenever possible I participate. I have initiated one conversation so far and look forward to doing the second.
    -I have translated one talk so far and look forward to doing many more.
    -I sometimes log in just to give a thumbs up to a comment/reply that I find enlightening or that just resonates with my thoughts/feelings.
    -I ‘spread the word’ about TED to friends in a variety of ways: direct them to the website, share a few topic-specific Talks where we watch them together and then have a discussion on the topics. I have also motivated friends with the goal of having them share it with their young adult children. I am preparing a ‘Life skills’ session for some young adults (5 children of friends) in which I will include a few Talks.
    -I look forward to organizing a TEDx event in Suriname. However, I haven’t dedicated the time yet to reading the whole Rules document :)

    I hope this helps out.

    Btw: I am grateful beyond words to you for creating TED.
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    Oct 2 2011: I think I watch TEDtalks around 5 times a week, by myself at my desk. If i find gold, I'll email the link to people I think would find it interesting. I often receive links and TEDtalk recommendation from friends or family and check them out whenever I have the chance. I'm usually up-to-date about the latest talks.
  • Sep 29 2011: Am new to TED...too new to develop a habit out of it...all i can say as of now is that "addicted"....getting excited listening to the talks and reading conversations..!!
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    Sep 25 2011: I watch 3-5 every day... (Dunno if that is abject nerdiness_?) While cooking, eating, cleaning, procrastinating. Some talks are so good I have left food go cold, left my facial mask on too long, forgotten what else it is I have to get done.

    The talks have helped me in preparing curricula for my students and finish my masters degree (inspiration wise). I get sucked into the vortex of clicking on link after link. I've realized that ANYTHING can happen if we want it to. I am a changed person because of these talks. Some talks are so great or so ridiculous in some way, I end up commenting often. I've tried / am still in the process of participating in the TED Prize 2011 in Tokyo. Wait. This sounds cultish now...

    By the time I get the weekly "This week on TED talks" in my email, I've watched them all already! Yikes.
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    Sep 20 2011: I donated my TV year 2005. Year 2007 I discovered TED randomly on internet. Finally a "club" I felt a belonging to. Got hooked. I study TED TALKS to feed my hunger for learning. Spreading it to my family co-workers and friends. I scan the talks and pick a topic that resonates with me. Often I go back and watch my favorites again and again for recharging and learning. Recently joined TED conversations. Just started my own conversation on "living the life of your dreams" . Am anticipating overwhelming :-) replies - since I expect to find constructive people with powerful imaginations who are at TED with the intention of inspiring others.

    With much love and gratitude to you Chris for building TED; what I think of as the " Ark of Awareness ".
    May TED save us all.
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    Oct 19 2011: Most internet connections in Ethiopia are not cable for viewing videos on the internet .It is very slow and expensive .I would have to the university I have been studying or other government institution to access video content.I download all the new TED releases when I get internet.I view them a day or two after downloading usually in the evening after I eat my dinner . more than half of the talks released in a typical week interest me . I would see 3 or 4 talks in a a row.I would tell most people I meet about TED talks. I explain what it is about ,how inspirational it is,how often talks are released.Since most people here don't have the internet access like the one I have,I share the downloaded videos to every one interested.
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    Oct 8 2011: 3 times a day and take notes. There's too much opportunity out there to ignore the chance to educate ourselves.
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    Oct 4 2011: I watch them with my wife while curled up in bed. I also watch them at work and send them to colleagues. I use them in my classroom to start conversations or to demonstrate a point on a topic or to showcase a skill (public speaking or narrative techniques). So, I watch one or two every day or so. I can't imagine my life without TED at this point.
  • Oct 4 2011: I watch TED talks about once or twice a week, usually late in the evening and not infrequently until well into the night (it's 3.05 a.m. now). I feel I am gleefully indulging myself when I do. But too much at once gives me a little indegestion, so I might then lay off for a couple of weeks.
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    Oct 2 2011: Since I got introduced to TED a few years back, I have been watching it on a regular basis (2-3 'new' talks every couple of days). I always make it a point to open a TED site atleast ones a day, just to see if there is a new one has come out. If the name and the description catches my eyes and interest, I watch it there and then - no matter how long. However, if I am in a hurry, or taking a short break from other work, I look for one of the 'Less than 6 minutes or 3 minutes one'. I make it a point to download the once I feel are really good once and send the link to a group of people who may find it interesting too (though I am sure some of them must have got irritated with me flooding their inbox with TEDtalks).

    Apart from that, I have 'like'd the TED page on Facebook, so I get a constant update of the current happening on the site.
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    Oct 2 2011: TED is always bookmarked on my browser, but I must say I don't visit much often.
    Once or twice a month as you said I "gorge " on content :)
    I'm mainly here to hunt for interesting TED speakers who have written good books, I could suck my teeth into. It's from TED that I found out about Dan Ariely, Steven Levitt, Jared Diamond, Michael Shermer and Malcolm Gladwell.
    And most recently Michael Specter and his book Denialism :)
    TED is my resource for finding good books on varying subjects I guess :D
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    Oct 2 2011: I check-in to TEDTalks nearly every day (subscribe to the video podcast). I also love getting recommendations from others in TED conversations.Almost always at night... As I have said in my TED profile, "I sleep with TED".
  • Oct 2 2011: I often watch TED because it is very helpful to practice listening English, you know. I am an English learner and I want to improve my English a lot. Thanks TED. I am trying to make the habit of watching TED every evening.
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    Oct 2 2011: Usually on weekend evenings, particularly when I need an intellectual recharge. It's something I make time for, rather than something I engage in when I have "extra" time.
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    Oct 1 2011: It is a weekend thing for me to get my head thinking again. I know it sounds silly but getting up on a saturday morning with a cup of coffee and opening TED or TEDconversations is a really good start in a day.
    it became as natural as reading newspapers or checking news on the internet for me and I enjoy it every time.
    In general, TED is a way for me to start a longer period of studying (for example, a typical saturday) or to wake up my mind.
    Thank you for that!
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    Oct 1 2011: On my laptop at night or on the weekend. Biding time for my TEDActive #2
  • Sep 30 2011: I watch a TED talk almost every night before going to bed.I can't sleep with empty stomach or empty mind,TED works for me as an intellectual nourishment.
  • Sep 30 2011: All shapes and sizes Chris. There is a Google doc that lists Top 100 or Top 200 Ted Talks., TED app for iPhone, through the browser, via links on FB and Twitter. I would say that I have some old TED talk staples such as Ben Zander "Shining Eyes", Simon Sinek "Start with Why" (titles are not exact), that I often come back to over and over for either inspiration or reinforcement. Upon doing so, I find other talks that are of interest to me. As for when and where? Anytime, Anyplace really. Thank you for sharing TED with us. Peter
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    Sep 30 2011: I watch with my kids and when I have a relaxed free moment. I love the iPhone app "Inspire Me" that plays a random talk based on the time available and a category. Also, when I have a question about something I wish to better understand, sometimes I used to uncover some answers. Lately, I watch TED talks on my Google TV instead of watching TV.
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    Sep 30 2011: I will watch a TED talk that is posted on a friend's Facebook wall if it seems interesting. And I seek out my own TED talks usually in the weekend or when I have some spare time. And I try to see all the new ones that are posted, to "keep up".
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    Sep 29 2011: I log on to TED regularly and look for interesting topics. I love to listen to good talks and share them so that other people can feel inspired by them.
    I hope to get a chance to attend TED Global one day!
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    Sep 29 2011: As soon as I plan to visit TED.COM. I first log in to my mail box & see if there are thumbs ups.(haha).I,m a junior Tedster & these appreciations really motivates me for more inputs.
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      Sep 29 2011: I am out of thumbs up for you Rafi because you so often make profound contributions to TED conversations, enriching all of us with your perspectives from Afghanistan. Just want you to know that what ever your TED habit is, I and I am sure many others are thrilled you are here!
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    Sep 29 2011: My TED habit is that I can't stop clicking TEDTalks page to see whether thers is ANY translatable talk in Korean. Literally, I do that whenever my time allows! Korean translators are so passionate about translating TEDtalks. It is very hard to find one nowadays!
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    Sep 28 2011: I don't know if I have a firm habit. I spent a month a couple of months ago going through all the talks in the subject areas that most interest me, not listening to every one but listening to many, perhaps a couple a day. And, I admit, I wrote myself a sort of response paragraph on each.

    Since then I look at what comes out each week (the selections that arrive in my inbox) and listen to the ones in the areas that most interest me.

    I don't have time to listen to everything I would want to hear.
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    Sep 27 2011: As often as I can. I watch in the mornings, and comment as I can during the day. If time allows, I overdo it. It is one excess I do not feel bad about!It is oxigen for my brain, and it allows me to connect with like minded people. Keep it going!
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    Sep 27 2011: I wake up in the morning and watch whatever came out that day while I catch up on news from the websites i follow. Sometimes it comes out a bit late so i watch it that evening instead, but it's a daily morning routine that I've been doing for close to 2 years now, and I've found that it's a nice way to start the day.
  • Sep 27 2011: My fiancee and I have started a TED habit of watching a talk and discussing it over dinner. We love it!
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    Sep 27 2011: One of my TED habits:

    - Wake up 8am Saturday morning
    - Make protein smoothie w/frozen strawberries, blueberries, acai/macca/cacao powders, peanut butter and soy milk
    - Setup my iPAD, my smoothie and power through an hour's worth of TED talks wake me up before hitting the gym

    TED talks = Viagra for the brain.
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    Sep 27 2011: Open source the search for solutions to the planets problems.

    Was what I was attempting to communicate but did so badly in my previous post, a couple of days ago, to this thread.

    It would be nice to have a Collaboration Research Framework for TED (CRaFTED?) or TED Framework TEDf . A bunch of tools that would make sharing data within and between research projects easy. For example using Hans Rosling’s stats tool and the other Google tools mentioned. Of particular use would be a free internet ‘telephony’ conferencing capability, unlike Skype which has to be paid for.

    On a separate note, used the tweet function to redistribute a TED talk for the first time today.
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    Sep 25 2011: I don’t have TV but I do watch a lot of media over the internet. I’ve known about TED for some time but only started watching after being sent a link by my eldest son. Ever since I’ve become somewhat obsessed, but I am a tad obsessive compulsive.

    I’d like to see some sort of collaboration tools set up to interact with others on projects. The projects might be inspired by a TED talk or blog or TEDx. Or maybe a topic not yet covered by TED but which could inspire a TED talk. I would suggest interfacing with Google docs and Youtube and some free Skype like conferencing software surly Google must have something in the pipeline. I guess TED conversations is the start of the platform for that.

    I’ve found that in my replies to talks to date I’ve developed a theme around which I, currently, am forming all of my comments. But I also find that the comments section is not really sufficient for all the content I want to contribute. I guess what I want are virtual TEDx’s plus with a very clear focus on a particular topic. I.e. Ideas on stopping global warming. All content would be creative commons.

    But as I’m a newbe to TED perhaps you already have something like this and I’ve just not stumbled upon it. I guess what I’m looking for is a way to start bottom up people power collaborations to help tackle some of these issues.

    As I’m currently unemployed, and my magpie mind is captivated by TED, I look at on average two videos a day. On a particularly obsessive day maybe ten videos a day.

    Hope that helps and makes sense.

    BTW. Is there a way to look at all the comments other members have made in location, similar to the comments section in my profile?
  • Sep 24 2011: I looked for inspiration on TED every weekend.
    Saturday mornings I read the WSJ and then have a feast of 5-7 TED talks. I usually choose one of those to share with our family and we watch it during the week.
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    Sep 24 2011: ...
    My first experience was helping someone craft their TED talk in 2003. A year later, I received a box set in gratitude and eventually I indulged in a deep dive TED marathon on a flight from NYC to Dubai, then to Tanzania... with very little breaks and some 16 hours later, I sat there watching talks until they told me I should leave the plane. Now I share them with my social-sphere sporadically with the circles that I think are aligned or could benefit from the subject, I notice many are not yet familiar with ideas into action around TED. Recently I've enjoyed some engagement with several TEDx's to extrapolate data around positive deviance, theTED Prize this summer and now TED Conversations, where I find ideas closer to personal and actionable levels. On Conversations, I believe energy can transfer from TED Talks > to personal passion and ideas > to smaller circles of motivated humans who can move ideas into action...
    eg [ ]
    I have also given considerable thought to where TED Talks can pop up and play with serendipity and synergy...
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      Sep 28 2011: My habit:
      Watch each talk as soon as they appear online. On a PC screen.
      Ok, sometimes I wait a week to watch them all together... (Yes I'm a TEaDdict)

      I found out about TED talks when only 50 talks were online... Back in the days it was weeks between a set of talks being released.
      I can hold up with the current current pace ;-)
      • Oct 2 2011: I started when there were like 170 I think and I was up to date very quickly, I would go talk after talk after talk. . .

        I have wondered how I would feel if I found it the way it is now and there were 1000 talks already posted- and endless conversations to be a part of, is it harder to take it in or even more intriguing than 4 years ago?

        It is so fascinating seeing how TED has grown and how it is growing. . .
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    Sep 24 2011: Late at night on week nights!
    Translations on weekends.
  • Sep 23 2011: I heard about TED a week ago, looked it up, and now can't seem to put it down or stop thinking about it. I substitute teach now in my retirement from the superintendency, and show different talks to different classes. The talks are unbelievably compelling to students and hit them so fast and hard that even the most active students sit soaking it in. Where will it all end?!?! OMG!
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      Sep 23 2011: Welcome aboard! This place is a candy store for fertile minds...enjoy yourself and turn as many people on to it as you can, the more it grows the better our world becomes don't you think?!?
  • Sep 21 2011: I go through phases of watching TED talks. I'll go months without watching one simply because I get caught up with school, friends, work and in general, life. But then when I no longer feel overwhelmed I'll go through periods where I watch TED talks endlessly. While I enjoy listening to the talks, one of my favorite aspects is watching the people speak. I do this because I feel their enthusiasm and passion come out so much through their body language and I enjoy seeing how different individuals give lectures (e.g. lots of walking around, hand gestures, etc.). Also as a student I will learn about a concept in one of my courses and search TED to see if there is a talk about the same subject, I feel I learn better this way.
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      Sep 22 2011: I find myself in that situation too, Stephanie. Both TED and Facebook are abandoned when I get really busy :)
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    Sep 21 2011: I watch most talks as soon as they come out, usually in the evening after work.
    What I find very interesting is to re-visit older talks and look at them with 3 years more experience.
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      Sep 21 2011: I have spent a lot of time in the archives too, Sabin. There is some astounding material there. I think it would be great to have some recycled to increase awareness of them again. Perhaps on weekends or during times when there is no new talk?
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        Sep 22 2011: Oh yeah, I second Debra on this one!
        Especially some of the newer members may not yet have stumbled upon such gems like this one -

        Concerning my post above, this talk is a good example. I remember being initially appalled at the idea that we should grow less food, after all how are we supposed to feed all the world? It was only in time that I realised that Dan Barber was completely right, we already are growing too much food and are wasting it.
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    Sep 21 2011: I get the podcasts of the TED Talks and watch them at lunch time. There are several I will not delete, and watch them over and over. I like that they are always about 20 minutes or less. Makes it easy for me to view. Or I watch them on the train to/from work as the podcasts are synced to my iPod. It makes my day feel like a bit of an education - something I don't always get from work itself.

    I also enjoy going through the conversations. I find it fascinating to see what people from around the world think about things that I consider mundane or out of my realm of knowledge. It gets me 'exercising' my brain and makes me start conversations with friends and co-workers on things we might not discuss otherwise.
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    Sep 20 2011: I know TEDtalks already for a while (I think via Google). From time to time I'm watching interesting speakers ... but beside everything there's a LOT of information nowadays.

    It's more impulse-wise I'm surfing to your website to have some talks.
    For example:
    - TEDtalks are broadcasted here in Belgium since few months on TV. After it, it stimulates me to have some more on the website.
    - This weekend, I saw by coincidence the TEDxLondon hashtag on twitter, which brought me to the live broadcast for the last 2 hours. So, I missed thus the previous talkers.

    But there's also a limit swallowing information. Like TEDxLondon actually confirmed ... time to do, instead of talking.

    Anyway, TED is a booming platform, a way of spreading knowledge & information.
    In any way: I'm learning more and even more efficiently by inspired video talkers then teachers ever did before to me on school. Out of question.

    My best,
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    Sep 19 2011: I've fallen into a routine where I watch TED Talks every Saturday morning (Apple TV > Internet > podcasts). I scroll through the week's talks and watch them while I'm doing chores. If I see someone refer to one on Twitter, I'll make a mental note to watch it Saturday morning.
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    Sep 19 2011: Unfortunately, TED is my procrastination zone.

    Pretty much, if you see me on here, you can assume that I should be doing something else (including sleeping) but I don't want to.

    It's nice to have a procrastination zone where people are at least discussing interesting ideas.
  • Oct 19 2011: I have been watching TED for quite some time now.....I started watching it once in a while....I remember, the first TED talk I saw was the one from Pranav Mistry....

    Now I watch it everyday.....atleast 5-10 talks everyday.......It has transformed the way I think and it has made a major impact on my career.
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    Oct 19 2011: Usually on my iPhone at night after my son goes to sleep. I probably trend towards being an addict catching the new talks daily, however occasionally when things are very hectic I miss a number of days and catch-up at the weekend.

    Ted talks alway put me in better form and act like an inspiration / motivation re-charge.
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    Oct 18 2011: I would love to learn more on the TED Talks, Even If I just signed up.
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    Oct 18 2011: Because I have a gadget on my iGoogle page, I can see at a glance what's new, and because I am a writer, I am easily distracted by ideas. There is no special time of day for a TED talk, it can happen any time. And because I am part of the TEDxWaterloo organization, I am prone to watching many TED talks. TED is my brain fuel.
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    Oct 18 2011: Just Read.....Just Read.....Just Read.....Just Read.....Just Read.....Just Read.....Just Read.....Just Read.....Just Read..... and
    Just Reply......Just Reply......Just Reply......Just Reply......Just Reply......Just Reply...... ....

    Thats it ....
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    Oct 18 2011: I use TED stories in my graduate studies program "Communications and Journalism".
    Great opportunities for thinking.
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    Oct 17 2011: I save them until they become a TED Talks movie length. At night or in a quite afternoon when I'm by myself I play about 7-10 TED Talks after each other on my TV through the Apple TV. The amount of information, inspiration, and energy is enough to boost your brain cells for weeks. If any of the speakers or their topics are magnatically interesting, I spend a few minutes after my TEDathon online checking out their projects, their work or finding more info in general.
  • Oct 17 2011: Recently it's watching TED Talks at work while I'm doing mindless (but necessary) tasks, like preparing mailings or putting name tags into holders for an event. Maybe I'm rationalizing, but the work seems to go faster. Anyway, it *feels* like it's going faster. Watched some good Talks, too.
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    Oct 17 2011: Stick my ipad up on my fridge and watch TEDTalks while cooking dinner for the night, with a glass of red. :)
  • Oct 17 2011: I'm an on-line college student, and I come to TED to see if there are any discussions on the topics that relates to my classes. Don't get me wrong, their text books are good, but not as up to date as some of the information that I can receive here. I will use both to gain even more insight on what I'm learning in college, Thanks TED!
  • Oct 16 2011: Good question Mr. Chris. I am a mechatronic engineering student. I have been watching TED since 2009 when I was in 3rd year of bachelor degree. I always tried to get good knowledge on internet and on TED I got many new ideas. All time, I log in on TED for a little time and if there is something about time I note it and watch it on weekends. I spent my much time on Internet during weekend hours. I spend a much time on TED Videos and other pages then I download videos and present them to fellow students and my professor too.

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    Oct 16 2011: I randomly watch ones that seem intriguing and share some of them with my students. The one by Evelyn Glennie was particularly enlightening to them on many different levels. I was surprised just how much her talk affected them. They felt that she was a hero for standing her ground with her disability in face of rejection from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
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    Oct 16 2011: Also maybe make a TED talks hall of fame, where all the new comers can watch all the "TED moments". Once they watch the hall of fame talks, they'll become true TED-sters :)
  • Oct 15 2011: I'm busy - a whole talk (15 mins) is a lot of time for me. I don't do it daily. I come here for inspiration and communication. I do watch a talk or two about once/month. Sometimes I binge-talk (watch several at once) - when I'm feeling needy. I'm frustrated in my field of social psychology - trying to find a way to a make a difference once and for all.
  • Oct 14 2011: In the comfort of my home, I visit TED every day or so and spend whatever time I can absorbing the world.
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    Oct 14 2011: I watch the Tedtalks on my iPad. There is an app TedSub, so I can use the subtitles. Sometimes I watch a talk from my favorite list or I choose from the newly translated talks. I put my iPad next to me while I am doing housework or occasionally when I am eating. My brain needs at least one talk a day :) !
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    Oct 14 2011: Watching the depth of concept planning of TED & TEDMED throught the Mastery of Richard Saul Wurman and Chris Anderson; showing how many other fields could improve their depth of real meaning in human communications and still preserving the integrity of the individuals.
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    Oct 14 2011: The TEDTalks podcast feed is on my favourites list on my Apple TV beside my morning news podcast. Generally, I watch one news podcast (10mins) and one TEDTalk (20 mins) while eating breakfast. Then I have framed myself in an informed, inspired mindset for the day. thanks, Jason
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    Oct 13 2011: I get them on my Itunes and watch a few at a time. I intend to watch most of them. I select them randomly. It's always the ones that I don't think will be interesting that end up being interesting.
  • Oct 13 2011: I would say i would follow topics that are interesting, unorthodox, related to emotion and technology, and perhaps behavioural analysis.
  • Oct 13 2011: I set aside 2 hours every Friday evening for TED.

    However if I want to
    - simplify the chaos that surrounds modern day life
    - derive inspiration to convert my current ideas into reality
    - kill the skeptic in me who says that an idea is too "impractical"
    - educate myself on new ways of visualizing ideas/ concepts
    - and for another 101 reasons
    time really doesn't count :)

    When i actually reflect on it - TED has become a part of my identity.
  • thumb
    Oct 12 2011: I watch 3 talks every morning (short ones if I'm running late :P) and send them to those whom I believe would appreciate them.
    It makes my day to know that another person shares the kind of knowledge i was fortunate to receive and I believe, from their remarks, it makes their day to have such valuable knowledge transferred to them.
  • thumb
    Oct 12 2011: I travel a lot. My "vitamins" are TED talks. I download and watch them on my iPad. It's absolutely the ideal way to travel. Never again do I worry about flight delays! I just get inspired.
    As a TEDx speaker myself, I don't just focus on the content, but also on the delivery style and effectiveness to ensure I improve myself. My initial TEDx talk was 17:55'' and the second 9:45''.
    Keep up the good work!
  • thumb
    Oct 12 2011: I am subscribed to emails and I get all of the new talks - I visit them regularly - as often as once a week. I think TED is an inspirational platform - and I am a loyal supporter and fan - also on the SupporTED program and a proud member of the organizing committee of the TEDxAcademy Athens event:-)
  • thumb
    Oct 10 2011: Every other weekend I download TED Talks from the previous week(s). I watch them (one or two every night) on my iPod before going to sleep.
  • thumb
    Oct 10 2011: Nowadays, there is another habit to which I develop. That is, to check out TED conversations to see how I can brush up my dendruff of my brain.
  • thumb
    Oct 9 2011: Mostly, my watching of talks occurs while I translate them. I also watch other talks which seem to be interesting for me by their summaries (About this talk). I copy those talks' titles in a separate text file on my computer, so I can come back when having time, search them on TED and watch or download.

    Are you interested to know only about talks watching habits, or also about the members' habits regarding the overall TED site ??
  • Oct 9 2011: Every few weeks, by myself, quiet evening, early morning or on a sunday! Then I will share vids to my friends and family that may be of interest to them.

    Is there a subtitle option with the TED vids?
  • thumb
    Oct 8 2011: TED talks are my greatest and most distracting form of procrastination. I usually watch a talk or two whenever I need a break from studying, either from the homepage or by choosing a topic from the theme list and finding a talk from there.
  • thumb
    Oct 8 2011: To seek inspiration from TED constantly. Then to use it in my own life – dream an idea and then complete the idea – Aim High, Believe and Take Great Actions
  • thumb
    Oct 7 2011: Hmm... well mine has varied... sometimes it will be on a regular basis when I have free time and then other times I will gorge :P I find them to provide a lot of food for thought so whenever I am in those moods especially when I'd like another person's views on different ideas i have it tends to bring me to look for them and here I tend to find that in the speeches many times others are having the same ideas as I have and it sort of... drives me that extra bit and encourages me to continue such thoughts
  • thumb
    Oct 7 2011: My dad told me about it, but it took a while for me to finally mosey on to the site...which I did last night, and I can't stop tedding!
  • thumb
    Oct 7 2011: TED is my homepage. I usually watch the video when I need a break from study at night, so that I can feel like I'm still study but in a different form that is more entertaining. And like to shared any interesting talks on my facebook/tumblr
  • thumb
    Oct 7 2011: my teacher encouraged us to watch TED when i was a junior in college. it was a consecutive interpretation class. since then, now i am a senior, i have never stopped watching TED. i make it a habit of watching TED everyday.
  • thumb
    Oct 6 2011: Typically, I'll just watch the Talk I find most interesting out of the Talks I receive in my email subscription. From there, if the Talk was intriguing, I'll watch a thematically similar Talk and/or one from the same speaker.

    I also have my TED binge every two months or so.
  • thumb
    Oct 6 2011: 1. When looking for inspiration from any field
    2. Break from intense computer work
    3. TED emails
    4. When someone sends a link
  • Oct 6 2011: I noramlly use TED randomly, when I am in the mood to be inspired, but right now though, I am in a class on social media marketing and I am working on my undergrduate degree in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in Health and Management. One of our SMM class projects is to use a number of social media sites and my elective site is TED. I will be doing a class presentation on TED Talks and will log into the site to show class members around and to tell them how TED works. Most of my classmates are in Marketing or Mangament or like myself, Interdisciplinary.
  • thumb
    Oct 6 2011: During commutes - can't use them for lullaby because I get too hyped up and then I can't sleep
  • Oct 5 2011: My particular interest is in using technology to bring people together and using collaboration to solve business problems. So there are really rich seams of enquiry on TED that keeps bringing me back. My use of Ted is very adhoc, it can be prompted by an article I have read on line or something in the news. I find the front page useful in stimulating me to watch talks away from my orginal enquiry. Ted always stimulates and helps me think what if? and Why not? Keep up the excellent work.
  • thumb
    Oct 5 2011: I have absolutely no system in my watching habits. Sometimes I will go for weeks or months without coming near the site. Sometimes I will check out just one video that is featured on TED's Facebook page or a friend shares it. Sometimes I will want to know more about a certain topic/idea and I'll watch 10 talks in a row.

    I also translate and review talks - with the reviews I always choose the one that has been on the list for the longest time, so I will watch it even if the topic doesn't interest me at all.

    So my habits are pretty random :)
  • thumb

    . .

    • +1
    Oct 3 2011: I feel like a kid in the candy store...without any parents around ;-) thanks to you none of TED is cariogenic.
  • thumb
    Oct 3 2011: I have watched all the Ted med talks and probably almost half of the Ted Talks. I plan to watch them all they are fascinating. I hope it continues to change the world for the better in an accelerated way that speeds up over time. Sometimes I randomly watch talks, sometimes I click on a talk that someone referred to in a comment, other times I pick a topic, follow the recommended related talks, or just go down the list of all talks from page 1 and on and one so I will get to see them all with out missing any. I hope Ted evolves to be even better than it is now which is hard to do since it is pretty good right now. I hope Ted forms think tanks on various topics of medicine, peace, organic food production, and sustainability etc. I hope Ted allows viewers to upload our videos to the Ted conversations section, or list our TED Wishes so we can motivate others to help fulfill these wishes with us. I hope you make it more accessible for individuals to participate in the conferences as a whole from our computer and make it more affordable for us to attend.
  • Sep 30 2011: I make sure that I spend few minutes daily on TED Talks. It uncovers many experiences which i have not experienced in my life. I would like to be connected with innovators.
  • thumb
    Sep 30 2011: I watch them for a variety of reasons. If there's someone I want to get a better sense of in the context of their area of expertise I'll watch their TED Talk, even if I watched them live on the TED stage. I've been doing a lot of work on innovative education so I'll look at some of those TED Talks, take notes or sometimes send their links to others to include in our discussions. We'll include some appropriate ones for our V2 website both to recommend and also to include in future discussions. I've been working on critical thinking skills for our educational initiatives so I just watched Michael Sandel and Ken Robinson's talks. I recommend some on my various social networking sites. Since I'm on the TEDxSF Organizing Committee we're always looking for TED Talks to include in our events so I look for good ones for that purpose. I also recommend some of the best ones to our speakers as examples to emulate. Sometimes I watch ones I missed at TED, often the TED University talks, or ones from other TEDx's. I particularly like to recommend them to people who have time on their hands due to age, illness, or bad fortune. It's such a treasure trove of extraordinary ideas that I need to keep an eye on my clock or the time will fly by. Chris, thank you again for making these available online.
  • thumb
    Sep 29 2011: I watch TEDtalks when I need to be inspired. Yes, absolutely metal brain vitamin for me.
  • thumb
    Sep 29 2011: whenever is possible ! whenever i want to learn something new, whenever i feel down and need to listen to an intersting inspiring talk, whenever i need a second opinion or ideas from others. so as long as i have internet Ted is one of the first thing i want to check.
  • Sep 29 2011: Hopefully this relevant for some of you out there, I found ted long a go. And like TED but I also like ITUNESU they have free courses for a ton of universities. Not to take anything away from TED but just to disseminate information. All that classes are free if you have itunes.
  • thumb
    Sep 28 2011: In evenings alone, or weekends with friends or people visiting.
    When i watch alone, it's for the exploration and different perceptions.
    When i watch with others, it's to show what I find interesting, or to find
    interesting ideas to discuss or explore together.
  • Sep 28 2011: Whenever I have an opportunity =D
    Every day there is something new that we can indulge in order to learn something new. I should make it a habit to watch a TED talk every day.
  • thumb
    Sep 27 2011: Hmmm... much like my snacking habits -- I'll go for months without, and then gorge! A magnificent feast of fresh, rich and colourful ideas! (And yes, much better for me than my snack food indulgences)....
  • Sep 27 2011: I watch the TED podcast pre made selection on my Ipod
    (almost all of them and i just like to be amazed by talks that are so far from my field of interest )
    i watch mainly alone:
    - during daily commute ( 30min of bus ),
    - during business commute ( airport and airplane HK Europe)
    - sometimes on sunday morning in bed with my wife
  • thumb
    Sep 27 2011: BRAIN ACTIVITY , LOTS OF IT
  • thumb
    Sep 26 2011: Lunch at my desk with a TED talk. A great mind break over the morning, and inspiration to get through the rest of the day.
  • thumb
    Sep 26 2011: I watch them while having lunch on every weekday. I usually translate 30seconds of TED talks every night.
  • Sep 25 2011: Daily soon. Because of two clean alternative energy sources that i would like to share with the world. Both better than anything that is available now. One for when fossil fuels will no longer be an option for the inhabitants of this primarily narrow minded, small, muddy planet. That day is coming sooner than anyone wants to admit. You're no dummy,(Chris my friend, whom i have never met) do the simple math. But usually once or twice a week just to stay informed.
  • Sep 25 2011: My introduction to was thru a FB suggestion by a acquaintance (thanks, Jan!). The video was Changing Education Paradigms by Ken Robinson.
    I was really immpressed. Mainly, mmy viewing momments comme thru friend suggestions. On mmy own, I'd say I search thru the site 3 or 4 timmes throughout the year. There are so mmany great vids on ...sommething for everyone!!!
  • Sep 24 2011: looking for inspiration
    think i'm on the right track
  • Sep 24 2011: Usually every once in a while, when I have some free time (like today, for instance). If I observe something throughout the course of a few days that grabs my interest and is relevant to current issues, I might scan the site in order to see if information exists on the topic.
  • thumb
    Sep 24 2011: I gorge every couple of months. Between gorges, I watch random links that people send to me. At some point one of those links brings me a new perspective that I'm curious to learn more about, and end up gorging on videos.

    As others have mentioned, I too do not subscribe to a television provider. I do own a tv for the purpose of watching movies.

    Recently I created an account in order to reply to comments posted in regards to videos, and the "TED Conversations" like this one will likely increase the length of my gorges.
  • thumb
    Sep 24 2011: Every day!
  • Sep 23 2011: I started watching TED as a way of unwinding after a long day at work. I would put in on and go about my business listening to the speaker. It was an every day habit. It still is. But now I share it with the students and it has caught on like wild fire at least among the students who pursue psychology. They in turn have introduced it to others. I enjoy the talks, the debates, and all that TED has to offer.
  • thumb
    Sep 23 2011: In general when somebody twits a talk, or a friend or client tells me about an intresting talk.
    Sometimes I browse topics or speakers.
    Love the site, love the idea behind "ideas worth spreading".
    Congrats to all the contributors!!!!
  • thumb
    Sep 22 2011: I use TED as some personal and professional development. When I eat at my desk (which is about 2-3 times each week), I will watch one or two TED talks. My friends and I also share links, and I frequently tweet my talks after lunch to share them with my colleagues and friends at other higher education institutions.
  • thumb
    Sep 22 2011: Daily and mostly at office when I have spare time left.
  • thumb
    Sep 22 2011: I check into conversations and talks usually once a week. Occasionally it's in the evenings and weekends, but I also set aside a bit of time during my workday. As an instructional technologist in a catholic institution, so many of the conversations impact either the technical aspects of my job or the spiritual ones. I find it helps develop my compassion and understanding when working with people who either struggle with technology or rail against it.
  • thumb
    Sep 22 2011: I watch most days, I first starting watching only subjectsthat interested me. Then I would choose what to watch by the heading..does it sound interesting?, Now I find I am watching talks at random in a visual sense...what looks interesting. I dont beleive it is boredom or available subject resource, Rather I beleive my thinking has changed.
  • thumb
    Sep 22 2011: I just began watching them recently!
  • thumb
    Sep 22 2011: I try to watch 3-4 talks every week on Sunday with at least one of those talks being on a subject that I'm not really into or have experience in. I think its a fairly decent way to look at the world from someone else's perspective.
  • thumb
    Sep 21 2011: I originally started infrequently visiting the site and watching a video that caught my eye (feeling a little intimidated by the volume of material and a new layout of a website not yet familiar). Now, once inspired by so many great ideas, I try to get up a little earlier than I used to each day to work towards some of my goals. I find that once I've made a locally-based healthy breakfast (as best I can do), I like to watch a TED talk while I eat. Even though many TED ideas I've tried to incorporate into my life seem to add a bit more time to the task (I've sold the car, so walking .5 mile to school, carrying food back from the market, preparing my own meals), I find that 4, 10, 15 minutes of a TED talk is such a benefit to the day! So glad I began to watch more and more talks across all the disciplines to now be where I am comfortably in a TED habit!
  • thumb
    Sep 21 2011: I learned about TED about this time last year in one of my graduate classes. I wish I had time to see the new talks posted everyday. Instead, I check out TED every few weeks with down time and spend a few hours on the site- like Im doing today!
  • Sep 21 2011: I first started watching TED on youtube. I immediately started to go from one video to another and then came to I watch a number of talks every evening. I also read some of the debates and comments on the sight too. I also have TED on my itouch and phone so I can watch some stuff whenever I want.
  • thumb
    Sep 21 2011: For each of my courses at Carleton University I post a relevant lecture to the class discussion boards. I find it has helped me connect with the other students striving for excellence.
  • thumb
    Sep 21 2011: I watch every new TEDTalk published. No exceptions. And I usually comment on them, joining the debates, as I would like to pay back to the community that gives so much to me. I definitely learn a lot and grow a lot as a human being through TED.

    I also share many TEDTalks (especially those I've favorited) with friends, both through e-mail and also in person. I prefer to watch them together so to debate on the talk after it's finished. I do my best to spread the word and help more people learn about and benefit from one of the best places on the internet.

    And I thank you Chris. I really do. Thank you and all the community for making this a reality. I came across TED years ago, by chance, while I was surfing the web. It changed my life. Keep on changing the world for the better and spreading the ideas worth spreading.
  • thumb
    Sep 21 2011: I always find the TED TALK
    As Such An interest in design and The story of fun ideal.
    A habit of it all TED video is accompanied by Me
  • thumb
    Sep 21 2011: I watch everyday when I get a few minutes here and there at work. I usually put on my headphones and listen to the longer presentations while working. I listen or watch a presentation before writing and this helps me with my creative writing process. I try to concentrate intently on the content and then pause briefly before writing.
  • thumb
    Sep 21 2011: A friend sent me links to a few TED talks and I enjoyed them.

    I then began picking talks from those most recently posted. It wasn't too long that I "got bored" with the presentations - maybe after ten or 15 talks.

    Now, I participate primarily in the conversations.

    I find the conversations enjoyable, stimulating and informative. They also serve as a means of social interaction and as a venue within which I can speak my own language without internal-editing to simplify it (I live in China and don't have many opportunities to speak English with native speakers.)
  • thumb

    Si Xie

    • +1
    Sep 21 2011: When I first knew TED is on some websites other than, somebody translate it and post it on Chinese video website, I watch several of them, randomly.Then I know it was related to a website, so I start watch speech at

    login TED ->see what is on today's recommendation -> Chose a interesting one or chose a topic that I interested;Sometimes I will also watch some TEDtalks that discuss in this community.

    Sometimes people will recommend some TEDtalks via googlegroup, and sometimes our teachers will let us watch some during the class.

    For frenquency, maybe twice a week or more...and TEDtalks always can be the inspiration for my assignment or homework. I always watch TEDtalks when I need idea..
  • Sep 21 2011: When I need mental stimulation and motivation - so very adhoc and randomly
  • thumb
    Sep 21 2011: One of my friends is a TED Organizer. He hooked me up. And now, I watch TED almost everyday.
  • thumb
    Sep 21 2011: My daily dose of inspiration - best taking in an Charles Eames with Cafe Latte and view at the Lake.
  • thumb
    Sep 21 2011: I was setting up my Google+ and decided to put my TED profile in a visible place for the world to see!! I am so proud of TED that I want everyone to discover the amazing information and thought provoking talks. I can go for quite some time not watching on my laptop and then something pulls me back and I spend hours and hours sifting through the talks to refresh my spirit. I spend each night for 2 weeks or so watching for hours and reading the discussions and then I add a thought or two. I post talks to FB and send emails to friends. I like TED TOWN, keep it coming :D
  • thumb
    Sep 20 2011: Most nights, before turning off the light to go to sleep I'll watch a Talk. Also, if walking I'll switch from music to TED if in the mood for some education and inspiration.
    It also doesn't have to be a new talk to me - I'll happily watch the same talk again and again. That's how good Ben Dunlap's talk is!
  • thumb
    Sep 20 2011: Creativity is at its peak in the morning after coffee, or right before bed. A TED Talk during those times can lead to some good "eureka" moments.
  • thumb
    Sep 20 2011: I wait everyday for new talks to be posted.
  • thumb
    Sep 20 2011: Hi Chris,

    Im a TEDxJakarta curator. i subscribe to the youtube channel because in Indonesia, the connection for youtube is better than from

    Also, i found that recently, before clicking on a TED Talk, i kinda check my time & brain power. Will this be heavy and long. Its much easier for me to click on shorter videos, even if its 15 minutes long. i dont know, maybe its just me. Also, the intro might have something to do with it. a shorter, simpler one might make it seem less heavy.
  • Sep 20 2011: Several ways...I embed them into my wiki for my students, I listen to them as a podcast while exercising, and sometimes watch on my iPad.
  • thumb
    Sep 20 2011: I typically watch the latest TED talks on my iPhone at bed time or sometimes in the morning just after waking up. I eagerly look for new talks and sometimes feel disappointed when having to wait a few days for the next one. I guess I have become a TED Head Junkie. -smiling-
  • thumb
    Sep 20 2011: Hi Chris
    I am an avid fan of TED; so are my husband and my children (12yrs and 10yrs). I tand to watch TED Talks during my lunch break. I find it a great way to have a complete diversion from everything else, learn something, be entertained and be inspired, all in the one 'hit'. Talks I particularly like, I then share with the rest of my family and/or tweet them.

    We have been known to huddle round my iPhone in bed to watch a TED talk!
    I'm always recommending to others.

    I will usually look at latest releases, but if there's nothing there that grabs me, or I've seen them all, I will choose from the menu on (inspiring, fascinating etc)

    i trust my tiny contribution will positively add to nurturing 'The TED Habit' ~ a habit I would encourage everyone to have. TED helps to 'keep you shiny'! :0)
  • thumb
    Sep 20 2011: At dinner I look at the latest TED talk and sometimes I forget that I'm eating.
  • thumb
    Sep 20 2011: Almost daily by myself on my laptop, mainly when I'm doing the translations of the talks.
  • thumb
    Sep 20 2011: Mostly, I download the audio versions and listen to them while I garden at the weekends.
  • thumb
    Sep 20 2011: I watch ted talks when i am relaxed and in good mood. I like to watch a talk and think over it again and again, to see people's reaction, their comments, then surf online and read on similar topics...
    I am very choosy about what talks i want to watch.
    I somehow enjoy ted conversations more than ted talks...
  • thumb
    Sep 20 2011: I mainly use TED in two way. First I almost allways watch the latest TED talk when I arrive home from work in the weekdays. Second I use TED videos and TED conversations in combination with other sites such as Wikipedia, academicearth, topdocumentary films, YouTube , etc. when I want to explore a topic that interests me. Here I use to search the archive and watch a few related talks in a row.
  • thumb
    Sep 19 2011: I glace at videos before i come to conversations. I watch any videos that spark an interest and come to conversations to propel any ideas or questions that come up after..or just personal questions or ideas. I like TED talks but ted conversations are engaging.
  • Sep 19 2011: Almost daily. Some people unwind by watching Dancing with the Stars. I unwind watching TED talks. Usually on my laptop, sometimes on my iPad.
  • thumb
    Sep 19 2011: Hi Chris:

    I somewhat randomly watch talks, most of which I find when browsing by topic or author. I also tend to look at talks which have been recommended by people whom I know. I hope this helps...
  • thumb
    Sep 19 2011: I have the Ted app on my android phone and my ipad. I try to watch several a week. I always find them inspiring and interesting. I was thinking you should create Ted Talks for children to get them thinking about big ideas. I also think you should have a show on OWN to reach people in that medium. I watch them with my children and we have amazing discussions about them. I send them to friends and family and I tweet them constantly. Every time I get an email, tweet, or link I was them.

    Ted has become my go to source for inspiration. I usually always start there and from there it leads outward. I am a huge fan!! In fact, I believe in the idea of TED so much, I am creating my own TED talk for myself. When it's done, I'll share it.
  • thumb
    Sep 19 2011: I listen to TED talks three times a week,especially the new ones to keep myself updated. Then I select the ones I like most and recommend them to my followers on twitter
  • thumb
    Sep 19 2011: Thats easy Chris - Weekends - a whats-going-on-at-TED exploration, weekday evenings when either twitter links or emails like yours get me there, and often in the context of Google searches that may throw up a TED link (they often do depending on the subject of inquiry). The latter happens at any time of the day or evening, any day of the week.
  • thumb
    Sep 19 2011: I subscribe to the podcasts on iTunes, watch on my iPhone on the bus and share the ones I like on twitter using #fb #yam #li #sc.

    I also host an occasional TED TUE in our break room at work mid-morning.
  • Sep 19 2011: I watch TED on my iPhone or my laptop before I go to bed. Occasionally, if I have nothing to do, I'll watch TED on my iPhone while I'm waiting for something.
  • thumb
    Sep 19 2011: I mostly watch a TED talk before I go to sleep. This results in being very motivated about organizing TEDxUHasselt, which in turn makes me watch more TED videos. Most of the time i keep watching 'til my eyes are to tired to hold on.
  • thumb
    Sep 19 2011: I would be termed a heavy user. I turn on my computer in the morning to check my email and link immediately to TED talks. I hope for a new talk to watch as I eat breakfast. I am fortunate enough to do a lot of my work on my laptop so I just minimize TED talks and check in between appointments or phone conversations to TED conversations all day long. I get email notification of new TEDx talks and I often store them up to watch on a weekend or evening. I also blog so I embed many important TED talks on my blogs so that more people will have a chance to discover TED and learn the amazing things your speakers teach. Thanks for giving me so much.
    • thumb
      Sep 20 2011: You don't have a link to your blog on your TED profile. Can you send it to me via e-mail or something? I'd love to read your blog. Mine is included in my profile.
  • Sep 19 2011: i use various "ways" to enjoy Ted talks. Otten I use TED app on my IPad and let me inspire or enjoy. Also if people in my network are enthousiastic or talking about à TED talk, I check it out on TED IPad app or at YouTube. Last but not least I follow links on twitter by people i follow.
  • Sep 19 2011: Personally watching TEDtalks is as a form of procrastination. I feel TEDing is like going on YouTube and watching funny videos when you are bored but also a means of getting food for thought.
    Often, I also watch TEDtalks with people such as my father as a way of spending quality time with them.
  • thumb
    Sep 19 2011: I have a variety ways of enjoying my Ted Talks.

    1. Pod casts for those long flights
    2. Saved as my start up screen on my internet
    3. Folder in my outlook that says "read me later"
    4. Follow on Twitter

    I think like everything else we enjoy in life, you enjoy information in a variety of ways. I know I need it on the move and flexible.
  • thumb
    Oct 14 2011: My interests oscillate a lot from time to time. When I'm particularly fascinated by any particular subject, be it biology, social media, religion, or anything else across the spectrum, I watch every TED video on the subject I can, even when I've already seen it. It's also a great break from homework and a source of references when having a great conversation with someone.
  • thumb
    Oct 14 2011: My TED habits are Every night i receive Email from TED Conversation Removal, They love my comments and topics, So they removed as fast as they see it. Cool-thing ha. what i would tell you about the Admin this person i think he is 24/7 sitting on his chair waiting my posting. actually i admirer him because i have never seen someone with that dedicated is his working.
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  • thumb
    Sep 22 2011: Thanks Ana Maria, I was sure that he could not be a person who had actually experienced TED first hand or in any depth.
    • Sep 25 2011: This guy is entitled to make comment whether he has any experience of Ted or not. That's the point isn't it. I think certain users here should comment on the content not the person.
      • thumb
        Sep 25 2011: I really appreciate the sentiment expressed in your comment, This Guy. I simply believe that an informed opinion has more value.
  • Sep 22 2011: Are you kidding, do people find any practical use for this site? Just another form of Facebook, somebody somewhere is going to try and make money out of this!
    • thumb
      Sep 22 2011: I am not unfettered capitalism's biggest proponent and yet I have utterly no objection to anyone making money by doing good for humanity. I hope TED makes a gillion dollars by showing people the way to a better world!

      PS Dr. Michael Porter of Harvard school of business says that the best way to change the world is for business concerns to do what they do best in the areas of the world's greatest needs. For example a company whose business is infection control can save millions of lives by doing what they do best well. (that is even better than NGOs etc) TED's business model is a good one and it is performing its mandate very well indeed.
    • thumb
      Sep 27 2011: ITed Ideer, if this is some form of Facebook, I cannot unlike your comment more!
    • thumb
      Sep 28 2011: Trolls gotta troll, I guess.
  • Sep 20 2011: I check Ted Air on my Android tablet whenever I have some spare time and, if there's an interesting talk, I watch it straight away.

    Sometimes Chris Anderson's tweets lead me to a talk as well as the Wired magazine's articles (recently I watched Nilekani's ideas for India because of a Wired article).
  • thumb
    Sep 20 2011: I check most days to see if there is anything interesting during my lunch break.
  • thumb
    Sep 20 2011: I watch TED talks whenever I have the time: day, night, weekends ... but it's more interesting how I discovered TED. A very dear friend of mine had posted a talk on her facebook wall a few years ago:
    Then she bought her books and we read them in the next summer. It was an eye opening experience to me. Then I started watching other talks and recently I registered and the rest is history ... I'm hooked.
  • thumb
    Sep 20 2011: yup online on laptop all day, I watch a talk when TED updates about a new one on twitter/Facebook.. and then if the talk is really invigorating I end up watching a lot more of 'what to watch next' suggestions.. so by the time I get the email newsletter,I have watched all of them already
  • Sep 20 2011: i normally keep up to date with the most recently released talks, and if i'm interested i'll watch them asap. then, every few months i find myself going back and re-watching those that stood out as the most enjoyable or interesting.
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    Sep 20 2011: I like watching TED talks on my iPad while eating lunch - I just pick one at random. I would appreciate it if the app worked more consistently and didn't have broken links!
  • Sep 20 2011: I go on the site nearly every day. It is the best bad habit I have ever had :) I have seen most of the talks. I do not usually take a talk for face value when deciding to watch or not to watch. I have found there is something to be learned even from the most uninteresting of topics, never read a book by it's cover.

    I download ones I love and re-watch them sometimes as background noise while doing chores or to share the love with someone I think would be interested. If I am in a productive mode, I end up with a pen and paper jotting down streams of inspiration from those talks.

    My mom says I 'push TED', it turns out- people like it.

    Wael JABI- your bi-monthly gathering is great! This is a fun question Chris!
  • Sep 20 2011: Watch the new podcast every night after getting back home, on the apple TV. Also, once in a while over weekends, search out old videos on the ipad and then stream it to the tv using apple TV.
  • Sep 20 2011: I subscribe to the podcast through iTunes, then download the talks I'm interested in and watch them when I'm having lunch. I'm a mum who spends most of my day looking after my baby, so lunch is really the only time I get to watch TED talks. I love how they expand my view of the world. The ones I like I usually end up sharing with others on social media.
  • Sep 20 2011: usually at least 2 talks a week as a baseline, usually from Twitter. Then at least two emails a month link to other talks. Then usually once a month I'll spend a couple of hours browsing talks semi-randomly.
  • Sep 20 2011: I saw this on twitter today. Funny thing is i have been complaining lately to my wife that we have not had time to watch TED lately and need to set aside some time to get caught up. When we do watch it is usually in the evenings we will connect the laptop and Boxxee to the tv and watch while we go to bed. We usually start at the most recent posted talk and work our way back.
  • Sep 20 2011: We play then over the intercom at the warehouse I work out. While we're doing mindless work is a good time to focus on the talks. I mainly go to the website and search for talks I haven't seen, sometimes I watch them from twitter links.
  • Sep 20 2011: Sporadically. I used to be a bus watcher but now I'm walking to work more. Now it's occasionally as I eat lunch at my desk or in quiet time at home through Apple TV but it's getting harder!
    So recently I've tended to keep my eye on Twitter updates and watch bursts of four or five at a time.
    Have the app on my iPad but it's a bit slow with my connection.
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    Sep 19 2011: Hi Chris,
    Thanks for asking. Usually check out TED early in the morning when checking e-mails, then periodically during the day if I'm at home. Watch new videos when time permits and comment in discussions...time permitting. On days that I'm off doing something else, I just have to suffer in silence...LOL:>)
    Thanks for thinking about keeping us nurtured:>)
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    Sep 19 2011: A member all of two weeks, I have many social concerns, such as tolerance (I won't brook it) versus understanding, opinion versus preference, the people versus We the People, Jesus versus The Lord, rules whether labeled "golden" or not, etc.. I search my day's hottest concern an log on to learn; then, I earn unexpected rewards by listening/reading. Thank you, TED members.
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    jag .

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    Sep 19 2011: Thought it was a weird question, then I saw your name lol

    I have ted on my toolbar, so i click it every 1-2 days, to see the videos, if it seems like something interesting to me, I'll watch it.
  • Sep 19 2011: I am more of sporadic viewer when I'm at my desk but when I do watch, I usually view several in a row. I could spend the entire day just watching TED Talks. I often share the links with others on a specific topic of interest to them.
  • Sep 19 2011: I used to have an hour long commute, and would listen/watch then. Now that I bike to work in 7 (!) minutes I watch/listen while I am getting ready or doing light chores. It's my TV.
  • Sep 19 2011: Actually, all of the above, but generally via Twitter updates @TEDNews or directly. And the Twitter updates the most accessible, given the immediacy, so hope that continues. But love all the talks, so happy to get them any way I can, even at Reddit!
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    Sep 19 2011: When I see a link cited somewhere. I have to ration myself very sternly, nor I could otherwise spend all day watching the wretched thing. This habit needs no additional nurturing.
  • Sep 19 2011: I turn on TED while I am preparing my dinner and while eating it once every couple of weeks. I might watch a specific talk if any interesting links show up on my twitter feed.
  • Sep 19 2011: I used to just follow links that were posted or sent via email, but now that I have my iPad, I find myself opening my TED app in the evenings and browsing for about an hour or more. Better than the movies!
  • Sep 19 2011: I turn to TED when I'm looking for fresh perspective. Usually when I'm given a writing assignment for work. As a marketer I'm always looking for inspiration, angles, new ways of thinking.
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    Sep 19 2011: I watch TED like,
    1) Every few days (doesn't necessarily mean weekends or weekdays for me), I check on the TED iPad app.
    2) When someone shares a link on twitter/facebook/G+ etc
    3) Sometimes I download TED talks from iTunes podcasts
    4) Watch almost every time I've some free time or when I get bored (gives me some inspiration!)
    5) Watch it all alone with my headphones.. don't want other people to ruin the talk.
    6) I have a habit of downloading the talks I like and making my own TED collection!
  • Sep 19 2011: Typically I'll follow a link from a friend or a tweet and get hooked. Once I start I'll end up watch around 10 videos and sending links to friends I think will appreciate them. I usually just follow links provided at the at the end of each video. This usually goes down once a week.
  • Sep 19 2011: I follow TED on Twitter and flag new talks in Read It Later. Then watch them on my iPhone while I'm washing the dinner dishes. I figure I might as well use the time productively :-)
    • Sep 20 2011: Yeah I watch TED all the time at the sink
  • Sep 19 2011: I, like others, have begun turning to TED when motivation and inspiration is needed. But I have found myself coming more and more - I get the twitter updates which I like a ton! I will usually watch on the weekends when I have more time, but I have also been known to pull out a classic or 2 during the week!
  • Sep 19 2011: Almost exclusively on my iPad, and usually when I'm in the kitchen (cooking/cleaning/etc...). Also almost exclusively on the weekend, but not every weekend. More like one weekend every month or two I watch 4-10 at once.
  • Sep 19 2011: In the morning instead of the news while eating breakfast. One or two talks to start the day inspired, good times :)
  • Sep 19 2011: I find that I need my TED fix - 3 times a week and mainly as a random selection of talks that then lead onto other linked talks. The reason though for most of my TED time is to peruse the conversations that are such a brilliant addition to TED. This can be most evenings especially to wind down and relax.
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    Sep 19 2011: It first started as an inspiration..Every time I faced an obstacle or I felt down, a TED talk would do the trick and get me back on track. When I watched the 20 essential TED talks for graduates that was a turning point in my life and not long after that I managed to attend my first TEDx event in London which was an amazing experience!