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What's your TED habit?

I'm curious to understand better how people are watching TED Talks.

Just randomly when someone sends you a link?

At the weekend when you have some extra time?

Daily on a commute or work-out?

Weekday evenings with your family?

An in-depth gorge every couple months?

Even if someone else has given the same answer as you, please add a brief comment. The better we understand your TED habit, the better we can help nurture it!


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    Sep 20 2011: I mainly use TED in two way. First I almost allways watch the latest TED talk when I arrive home from work in the weekdays. Second I use TED videos and TED conversations in combination with other sites such as Wikipedia, academicearth, topdocumentary films, YouTube , etc. when I want to explore a topic that interests me. Here I use to search the archive and watch a few related talks in a row.

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