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What's your TED habit?

I'm curious to understand better how people are watching TED Talks.

Just randomly when someone sends you a link?

At the weekend when you have some extra time?

Daily on a commute or work-out?

Weekday evenings with your family?

An in-depth gorge every couple months?

Even if someone else has given the same answer as you, please add a brief comment. The better we understand your TED habit, the better we can help nurture it!


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    Sep 19 2011: I have the Ted app on my android phone and my ipad. I try to watch several a week. I always find them inspiring and interesting. I was thinking you should create Ted Talks for children to get them thinking about big ideas. I also think you should have a show on OWN to reach people in that medium. I watch them with my children and we have amazing discussions about them. I send them to friends and family and I tweet them constantly. Every time I get an email, tweet, or link I was them.

    Ted has become my go to source for inspiration. I usually always start there and from there it leads outward. I am a huge fan!! In fact, I believe in the idea of TED so much, I am creating my own TED talk for myself. When it's done, I'll share it.

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