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What's your TED habit?

I'm curious to understand better how people are watching TED Talks.

Just randomly when someone sends you a link?

At the weekend when you have some extra time?

Daily on a commute or work-out?

Weekday evenings with your family?

An in-depth gorge every couple months?

Even if someone else has given the same answer as you, please add a brief comment. The better we understand your TED habit, the better we can help nurture it!


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    Sep 19 2011: i enjoy watching TED before i go to bed during the work week. i love it so much that i share it with friends via email. but i realized i dont get "satisfied" when i simply send them the link. i want to be there when they finish watching and want to have discussions with them.

    thats how i came up with the simple idea of TED @ Home. i basically send out an open-invite to colleagues and friends to come over to my place once every 2 weeks and we have discussions and debates over pre-selected talks (TED talks chosen by the audience).

    The discussion that happens truly adds value to every person in the "event". its a lot of fun and we get to really bond and connect with each other in ways we would never do normally in our usual busy lifestyles.

    i wish more people did this!
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      Sep 19 2011: I LOVE this idea:>)
    • Sep 20 2011: I also love this idea. Besides my daily visit during lunch, TED is one of my go-to procrastination/brainstorming tools. It's fun to wallow in for awhile before starting a project. I feel like it helps me to think outside of the box, so to speak. I also have a few favorites that I watch over and over when I need a pick-me-up. I love it when I get an opportunity to watch a TED talk with someone else, but it seems that not everyone is as enthusiastic about the talks as I am. I would love to hook up with some people in the Bay Area that do this TED@Home piece!

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