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What's your TED habit?

I'm curious to understand better how people are watching TED Talks.

Just randomly when someone sends you a link?

At the weekend when you have some extra time?

Daily on a commute or work-out?

Weekday evenings with your family?

An in-depth gorge every couple months?

Even if someone else has given the same answer as you, please add a brief comment. The better we understand your TED habit, the better we can help nurture it!

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    Sep 19 2011: i enjoy watching TED before i go to bed during the work week. i love it so much that i share it with friends via email. but i realized i dont get "satisfied" when i simply send them the link. i want to be there when they finish watching and want to have discussions with them.

    thats how i came up with the simple idea of TED @ Home. i basically send out an open-invite to colleagues and friends to come over to my place once every 2 weeks and we have discussions and debates over pre-selected talks (TED talks chosen by the audience).

    The discussion that happens truly adds value to every person in the "event". its a lot of fun and we get to really bond and connect with each other in ways we would never do normally in our usual busy lifestyles.

    i wish more people did this!
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      Sep 19 2011: I LOVE this idea:>)
    • Sep 20 2011: I also love this idea. Besides my daily visit during lunch, TED is one of my go-to procrastination/brainstorming tools. It's fun to wallow in for awhile before starting a project. I feel like it helps me to think outside of the box, so to speak. I also have a few favorites that I watch over and over when I need a pick-me-up. I love it when I get an opportunity to watch a TED talk with someone else, but it seems that not everyone is as enthusiastic about the talks as I am. I would love to hook up with some people in the Bay Area that do this TED@Home piece!
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    Oct 13 2011: If I see something interesting, but I don't have enough time to watch it, I'd favorite so I can watch it later. Maybe implement a "Watch Later" button, like on youtube?
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    Oct 4 2011: Totally thrilling reading these responses. I can count 8 or 9 distinct 'habits', and it's really got me thinking about how we can serve them better. For one thing, I had no idea so many people watched a TED talk last thing at night. Maybe we need a special lullaby option at the end of each talk! Thanks, all, for responding. Really helpful.
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      Oct 4 2011: A "lullaby option" sounds GREAT Chris....LOL:>)
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      Oct 12 2011: believe me Chris It is totally Thrilling to see you here

      by the way amazing conversation thanks for starting it.
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      Oct 17 2011: Awesome for TED lullaby http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfMdjznktN4
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        Oct 18 2011: Juliette, off topic, but I noticed you changed your "outfit", which reminds me that if winter doesn't wait a bit, I will miss New England's fall again!
        I went last year and drove around at leisure -lovely, but Thanksgiving was too late for the fire display. Yet is the window I have, so I'll try again this year. Please, tell the leaves to hang in there!
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      Oct 18 2011: No lullaby for me, please! If not, I 'll get sleepy after my first one, and won't be able to take a healthy dose, as usual!
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        Oct 18 2011: Thanks Karina, I could not resist this leaf. Foliage colors are absolutely gorgeous. I'll pass on your message to the leaves :-)
        The lullaby - TED Talks are really awakening, inspiring and seriously uplifting. On me, some times they have the effect of a double espresso. Which could be a problem when I need to fall asleep !! So I thought long about what Chris had written, and realized he is a genius to suggest a lullaby. It would be a good unwinding tool for the stimulated mind to make a gradual decent from elevated heights and a smooth landing into enchanted sleep.
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      Oct 19 2011: lullaby option sounds great. The only thing that works against it right now is the loud TED theme that plays before and after every single talk...

      the way i usually watch TED videos, is when I need to do some mindless work, and i absolutely HAVE to get through it... that's when TED helps...
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    Sep 27 2011: to me TED is more of a Habitat rather than a Habit
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    Oct 10 2011: I usually go through TED-conversations on daily basis during my work breaks which were previously smoke breaks. I have kicked out smoking just because of TED as whenever I feel like having a smoke break, I just enter in the word of conversations where people from all round the globe sharing their views for something interesting and rejuvenating. TED talks I prefer to hear before going to bed to relieve all day stress and after waking up, to have positive energy through out the day. Thanks TED for making my world smoke free.
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    Oct 7 2011: Dear Chris,

    My TED habit varies.
    -At this moment, I check the website daily. As the latest Talk downloads I first read through the comments and then watch the Talk. It may happen that I am in a period where I can just incidentally visit the site. In that case I check the ‘newest releases’.
    -I’m fairly new to this medium so I downloaded many previous Talks which I watch randomly at a more convenient time, at home. At one time I carried a few favorite uploaded Talks on my iPod to watch, for example, while waiting in line.
    -When I have the time (actually, many times even when I don’t :) I enjoy browsing through some of the conversations and educate myself, amuse myself with the information (including links) and variety of views provided by others. Whenever possible I participate. I have initiated one conversation so far and look forward to doing the second.
    -I have translated one talk so far and look forward to doing many more.
    -I sometimes log in just to give a thumbs up to a comment/reply that I find enlightening or that just resonates with my thoughts/feelings.
    -I ‘spread the word’ about TED to friends in a variety of ways: direct them to the website, share a few topic-specific Talks where we watch them together and then have a discussion on the topics. I have also motivated friends with the goal of having them share it with their young adult children. I am preparing a ‘Life skills’ session for some young adults (5 children of friends) in which I will include a few Talks.
    -I look forward to organizing a TEDx event in Suriname. However, I haven’t dedicated the time yet to reading the whole Rules document :)

    I hope this helps out.

    Btw: I am grateful beyond words to you for creating TED.
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    Oct 2 2011: I think I watch TEDtalks around 5 times a week, by myself at my desk. If i find gold, I'll email the link to people I think would find it interesting. I often receive links and TEDtalk recommendation from friends or family and check them out whenever I have the chance. I'm usually up-to-date about the latest talks.
  • Sep 29 2011: Am new to TED...too new to develop a habit out of it...all i can say as of now is that ...am "addicted"....getting excited listening to the talks and reading conversations..!!
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    Sep 25 2011: I watch 3-5 every day... (Dunno if that is abject nerdiness_?) While cooking, eating, cleaning, procrastinating. Some talks are so good I have left food go cold, left my facial mask on too long, forgotten what else it is I have to get done.

    The talks have helped me in preparing curricula for my students and finish my masters degree (inspiration wise). I get sucked into the vortex of clicking on link after link. I've realized that ANYTHING can happen if we want it to. I am a changed person because of these talks. Some talks are so great or so ridiculous in some way, I end up commenting often. I've tried / am still in the process of participating in the TED Prize 2011 in Tokyo. Wait. This sounds cultish now...

    By the time I get the weekly "This week on TED talks" in my email, I've watched them all already! Yikes.
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    Sep 20 2011: I donated my TV year 2005. Year 2007 I discovered TED randomly on internet. Finally a "club" I felt a belonging to. Got hooked. I study TED TALKS to feed my hunger for learning. Spreading it to my family co-workers and friends. I scan the talks and pick a topic that resonates with me. Often I go back and watch my favorites again and again for recharging and learning. Recently joined TED conversations. Just started my own conversation on "living the life of your dreams" . Am anticipating overwhelming :-) replies - since I expect to find constructive people with powerful imaginations who are at TED with the intention of inspiring others.

    With much love and gratitude to you Chris for building TED; what I think of as the " Ark of Awareness ".
    May TED save us all.
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    Oct 19 2011: Most internet connections in Ethiopia are not cable for viewing videos on the internet .It is very slow and expensive .I would have to the university I have been studying or other government institution to access video content.I download all the new TED releases when I get internet.I view them a day or two after downloading usually in the evening after I eat my dinner . more than half of the talks released in a typical week interest me . I would see 3 or 4 talks in a a row.I would tell most people I meet about TED talks. I explain what it is about ,how inspirational it is,how often talks are released.Since most people here don't have the internet access like the one I have,I share the downloaded videos to every one interested.
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    Oct 8 2011: 3 times a day and take notes. There's too much opportunity out there to ignore the chance to educate ourselves.
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    Oct 4 2011: I watch them with my wife while curled up in bed. I also watch them at work and send them to colleagues. I use them in my classroom to start conversations or to demonstrate a point on a topic or to showcase a skill (public speaking or narrative techniques). So, I watch one or two every day or so. I can't imagine my life without TED at this point.
  • Oct 4 2011: I watch TED talks about once or twice a week, usually late in the evening and not infrequently until well into the night (it's 3.05 a.m. now). I feel I am gleefully indulging myself when I do. But too much at once gives me a little indegestion, so I might then lay off for a couple of weeks.
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    Oct 2 2011: Since I got introduced to TED a few years back, I have been watching it on a regular basis (2-3 'new' talks every couple of days). I always make it a point to open a TED site atleast ones a day, just to see if there is a new one has come out. If the name and the description catches my eyes and interest, I watch it there and then - no matter how long. However, if I am in a hurry, or taking a short break from other work, I look for one of the 'Less than 6 minutes or 3 minutes one'. I make it a point to download the once I feel are really good once and send the link to a group of people who may find it interesting too (though I am sure some of them must have got irritated with me flooding their inbox with TEDtalks).

    Apart from that, I have 'like'd the TED page on Facebook, so I get a constant update of the current happening on the site.
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    Oct 2 2011: TED is always bookmarked on my browser, but I must say I don't visit much often.
    Once or twice a month as you said I "gorge " on content :)
    I'm mainly here to hunt for interesting TED speakers who have written good books, I could suck my teeth into. It's from TED that I found out about Dan Ariely, Steven Levitt, Jared Diamond, Michael Shermer and Malcolm Gladwell.
    And most recently Michael Specter and his book Denialism :)
    TED is my resource for finding good books on varying subjects I guess :D
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    Oct 2 2011: I check-in to TEDTalks nearly every day (subscribe to the video podcast). I also love getting recommendations from others in TED conversations.Almost always at night... As I have said in my TED profile, "I sleep with TED".
  • Oct 2 2011: I often watch TED because it is very helpful to practice listening English, you know. I am an English learner and I want to improve my English a lot. Thanks TED. I am trying to make the habit of watching TED every evening.
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    Oct 2 2011: Usually on weekend evenings, particularly when I need an intellectual recharge. It's something I make time for, rather than something I engage in when I have "extra" time.
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    Oct 1 2011: It is a weekend thing for me to get my head thinking again. I know it sounds silly but getting up on a saturday morning with a cup of coffee and opening TED or TEDconversations is a really good start in a day.
    it became as natural as reading newspapers or checking news on the internet for me and I enjoy it every time.
    In general, TED is a way for me to start a longer period of studying (for example, a typical saturday) or to wake up my mind.
    Thank you for that!
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    Oct 1 2011: On my laptop at night or on the weekend. Biding time for my TEDActive #2
  • Sep 30 2011: I watch a TED talk almost every night before going to bed.I can't sleep with empty stomach or empty mind,TED works for me as an intellectual nourishment.
  • Sep 30 2011: All shapes and sizes Chris. There is a Google doc that lists Top 100 or Top 200 Ted Talks. StumbleUpon.com, TED app for iPhone, through the browser, via links on FB and Twitter. I would say that I have some old TED talk staples such as Ben Zander "Shining Eyes", Simon Sinek "Start with Why" (titles are not exact), that I often come back to over and over for either inspiration or reinforcement. Upon doing so, I find other talks that are of interest to me. As for when and where? Anytime, Anyplace really. Thank you for sharing TED with us. Peter
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    Sep 30 2011: I watch with my kids and when I have a relaxed free moment. I love the iPhone app "Inspire Me" that plays a random talk based on the time available and a category. Also, when I have a question about something I wish to better understand, sometimes I used TED.com to uncover some answers. Lately, I watch TED talks on my Google TV instead of watching TV.
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    Sep 30 2011: I will watch a TED talk that is posted on a friend's Facebook wall if it seems interesting. And I seek out my own TED talks usually in the weekend or when I have some spare time. And I try to see all the new ones that are posted, to "keep up".
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    Sep 29 2011: I log on to TED regularly and look for interesting topics. I love to listen to good talks and share them so that other people can feel inspired by them.
    I hope to get a chance to attend TED Global one day!
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    Sep 29 2011: As soon as I plan to visit TED.COM. I first log in to my mail box & see if there are thumbs ups.(haha).I,m a junior Tedster & these appreciations really motivates me for more inputs.
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      Sep 29 2011: I am out of thumbs up for you Rafi because you so often make profound contributions to TED conversations, enriching all of us with your perspectives from Afghanistan. Just want you to know that what ever your TED habit is, I and I am sure many others are thrilled you are here!
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    Sep 29 2011: My TED habit is that I can't stop clicking TEDTalks page to see whether thers is ANY translatable talk in Korean. Literally, I do that whenever my time allows! Korean translators are so passionate about translating TEDtalks. It is very hard to find one nowadays!
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    Sep 28 2011: I don't know if I have a firm habit. I spent a month a couple of months ago going through all the talks in the subject areas that most interest me, not listening to every one but listening to many, perhaps a couple a day. And, I admit, I wrote myself a sort of response paragraph on each.

    Since then I look at what comes out each week (the selections that arrive in my inbox) and listen to the ones in the areas that most interest me.

    I don't have time to listen to everything I would want to hear.
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    Sep 27 2011: As often as I can. I watch in the mornings, and comment as I can during the day. If time allows, I overdo it. It is one excess I do not feel bad about!It is oxigen for my brain, and it allows me to connect with like minded people. Keep it going!