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Why do people like to learn, but dislike being taught?

Winston Churchill once said
"Personally I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught". This quote got me thinking about the learning process.

What is the difference between learning something and being taught something? What is better? does it depend what it is or who it is? Do people see strength in learning but see weakness in being taught?

I dunno, it's over to you guys....


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  • Sep 20 2011: Putting aside the fact that some (teachers) do not know how to teach and some subjects are not interesting enough for the person being taught I think it is better to show people how to learn. Learning is something people accept and even like, it has a positive attitude. Being taught, however, is sometimes meaning of being bossed around. People are not in control. It has a negative attitude. If you are learning it shows you are capable of doing something, when you are taught it shows exactly the opposite.... You are not capable so you need to be taught.....by someone capable. In this last relationship the person being taught is in a inferiority position. I wonder if Churchill thought that way when he said what he said.

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