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Do TED men set the new standard for 'real men'? Which TED men do you admire and why?

I have discovered that most of the men I truly admire at this time in history are TED men.

Perhaps it is just that TED shows me that there are great men out in the world doing great things not just for their own small spheres but for all of us around the world in so many different fields of endeavour.

After watching Phil Zimbaro's talk on the demise of guys, I started to think of the role of men in today's world and how truly complicated it is. As the mother of 4 sons and as a woman who has fought hard for a better place for women in our world, I have begun to realize that perhaps men need from us what we needed from men- a bit of acknowledgement when we are working hard, trying to make things better and facing tough odds with courage.

So I am asking you: Please share which TED men you admire. Please choose from TED talks, TED staff and TED conversations.
Why do you admire them? (Its OK if you think that they happen to be attractive too!)

If you happen to have a personal definition of what a 'real man' or a 'good man' is to you, I would be fascinated to read it.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not limited to women but the invitation includes the whole
TED community.


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  • Oct 10 2011: Good question. My answer is EVERYONE on TED. just everyone - man, woman, young, old and or even in-between. Its just the community to be. Thanks y'all

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