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What 3 words or things come instantly in your mind when you hear the words "First World" & "Third World"

Please don't ponder or think much. Just right 3 words or name of 3 things come in your mind in respect to "First World" & "Third World". Be honest with your ownself while it's an humble request.

Just got curious about our mindset..... words & name of the things can be taken as the reflection of one's mindset. Nothing wrong or right. It's not a debate.

Lets' face the fact. Once we can face it may be we can try to change it if necessary otherwise what we will change ?


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  • Sep 25 2011: Luigi, thank you for your words. I did not know of Vicente Ferrer Moncho, but I 'googled' him and read about him, thanks to you.
    You and I agree that classifications of societies leaves out the human aspect of it all. Wonderful people are present in EVERY culture and country. The terms that are referred to as 'first' and 'third' only refer to a countries status in terms of industrialization and development, not more than that.
    For example, Denmark and Sweden are developed countries, while Ecuador and Botswana are third world. These terms 'first' and 'third' may not be up to date terms, but I learned them many years ago. I am only a hospital worker (respiratory therapist), not a sociologist or economist.

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