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What 3 words or things come instantly in your mind when you hear the words "First World" & "Third World"

Please don't ponder or think much. Just right 3 words or name of 3 things come in your mind in respect to "First World" & "Third World". Be honest with your ownself while it's an humble request.

Just got curious about our mindset..... words & name of the things can be taken as the reflection of one's mindset. Nothing wrong or right. It's not a debate.

Lets' face the fact. Once we can face it may be we can try to change it if necessary otherwise what we will change ?


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  • Sep 25 2011: Luigi,
    Sorry, but I don't understand your point. Please expound on it. I am curious about your position. Thank you.
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      Sep 25 2011: Robert thanks for asking. We jesuits knows that all the world is our home. The tags (first, second, third...) are just temporary descriptions. I've found the worst poverty in Hollywood and the best spirit in a lumpen around Mexico city or Calcuta. The people is the point, the focus. I'm dedicated to the ancient texts, and others companions are in the field, working with the poorest people that you can imagine. So, for me and for us as company we have the reach point by the human realities. In my first times I've working with Vicente Ferrer, ex jesuit, in India, where he saves more than a million people to die by hunger. I' learned and understand a lot there. So the political tags for the world are meaningless for me.

      Salim we dont have any restriction in the poetic field. And of course that all the world dont have to see with our own perspective. The real thing is be aware that we know to serve. And serve to love.
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        Sep 25 2011: I believe that the exercise that Salim has created here is to help us begin to perceive our own stereotypes, our own mental structures which shape the way we think about the different areas of the world. I think just becoming aware of the way we personally categorize things is valuable and I am grateful for what Salim is attempting here.
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          Sep 26 2011: You are right to point Debra :)
          Many thanks for clarifying.

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