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What 3 words or things come instantly in your mind when you hear the words "First World" & "Third World"

Please don't ponder or think much. Just right 3 words or name of 3 things come in your mind in respect to "First World" & "Third World". Be honest with your ownself while it's an humble request.

Just got curious about our mindset..... words & name of the things can be taken as the reflection of one's mindset. Nothing wrong or right. It's not a debate.

Lets' face the fact. Once we can face it may be we can try to change it if necessary otherwise what we will change ?


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  • Sep 21 2011: First world: monopoly, military, consumption
    Third world: poverty, desperation, survival
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      Sep 22 2011: Thanks Roberts for your thoughts.
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      Sep 24 2011: Not always Robert.
      Its very comfortable write this from some nice city: Richmond or Rome, but we have to GO TO THE REAL WORLD.

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