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What 3 words or things come instantly in your mind when you hear the words "First World" & "Third World"

Please don't ponder or think much. Just right 3 words or name of 3 things come in your mind in respect to "First World" & "Third World". Be honest with your ownself while it's an humble request.

Just got curious about our mindset..... words & name of the things can be taken as the reflection of one's mindset. Nothing wrong or right. It's not a debate.

Lets' face the fact. Once we can face it may be we can try to change it if necessary otherwise what we will change ?

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    Sep 18 2011: First World: people, music, laughter.

    Third World: people, music, laughter.
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      Sep 18 2011: Thanks Scott. Your participation is appreciated :)
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      Sep 18 2011: Scott, you never fail to make me think more deeply. Thank you.
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      Sep 24 2011: Scott ...people, music, people. Thanks for your asertive words.
  • Sep 25 2011: Luigi, thank you for your words. I did not know of Vicente Ferrer Moncho, but I 'googled' him and read about him, thanks to you.
    You and I agree that classifications of societies leaves out the human aspect of it all. Wonderful people are present in EVERY culture and country. The terms that are referred to as 'first' and 'third' only refer to a countries status in terms of industrialization and development, not more than that.
    For example, Denmark and Sweden are developed countries, while Ecuador and Botswana are third world. These terms 'first' and 'third' may not be up to date terms, but I learned them many years ago. I am only a hospital worker (respiratory therapist), not a sociologist or economist.
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    Sep 22 2011: Salim hello ...the simple questions are very meaningfull...

    Lies ....the number is not important....

    Tags....I prefer quality ...better world, worst world, excellent world

    Political excuses
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      Sep 23 2011: Hi Luigi
      Great to hear from you.
      Thanks for your thoughts.
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        Sep 23 2011: Salim sometimes I want to go far, very far away in some Nine World or so.
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          Sep 24 2011: Hi Luigi
          I understand what you mean & feel how your poetic mind feeling with our prevailing situation. Do you feel that going away can bring any solution...........
          Need to get solution from with in being with in.....
          Isn't it
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        Sep 24 2011: Salim is just a trip not an escape. You dont understand me. my mind is not poetic, And in this issue Im very practical. Any place in the world can transform to any rate. NewYork s the bigger city in the Third world and some penthouse in luxury places in Mexico city or Calcuta could be better or worst.

        The point here is not the place, is the people, I know a lot of real people from India (I was there servingin my earlier period as a jesuit) and they all are formidable people.
        Really poor but really nice and harmonious and full of hope and enthusiasm to transform their lives in better lives. First, second ot third worls is the same. For us jesuits, the world is our home.
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          Sep 25 2011: Luigi A short trip is fine:)

          You are right , I don't understand you. How come I will?
          Even we fail to understand someone we meet everyday then there must be lot of disconnect in knowing each other virtuallly.

          Is there any restriction for a jesuit to be poetic?

          That's fine if you don't see any difference among people of different part with your jesuit eyes, but others might have different perspectives.

          Lot of things are happening differently ? Am I right? Have a good day.
  • Sep 19 2011: Misplaced nomenclature
    My world, our world, not first or third
    Real people in real places
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      Sep 24 2011: Michael M pure and fine common sense your words.
      • Sep 26 2011: Thank you Luigi
        I so agree with you that all this 1-3rd is so wrong.
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    Sep 19 2011: 1. hans
    2. ros
    3. ling
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      Sep 19 2011: Congrats !!! You could prove how DUMB I am......couldn't get any clue from your thoughtful post..
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      Sep 19 2011: As in all you need to know about both comes from talks by Hans Rosling! Hillarious!
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        Sep 20 2011: Yeap Debra it's visible Hans' talk triggered me to open up the discussion....... so answer is also Hans Rosling in both cases ....................:)
        Well defintely only that also can come one's mind instantly.
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        Sep 22 2011: well, i'm somewhat reluctant to admit that i'm somewhat more hostile to the proposed idea. i think that there is NO first world and third world. hans rosling convincingly showed us that the world is a much much more complex place. so sorry, but if you still believe that there is a third world, i want to slap you on the face. because you didn't listen. wise up! you still have a chance!
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          Sep 22 2011: Krisztian, what is happening to you? Can we be frustrating you into fantasies of violence? Don't you know we love you?
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        Sep 23 2011: debra, it would not be an aggressive slap, but more like a wake-up slap or a "focus!" slap. hope this is more acceptable.
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          Sep 23 2011: I will respond with what I always told my preschool children: Krisztian, use your words and keep your hands to yourself!
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    Oct 14 2011: (Not just 3 words, but close, Salim)

    "Says who?"

    And "where is Second World?"
  • Sep 25 2011: Luigi,
    Sorry, but I don't understand your point. Please expound on it. I am curious about your position. Thank you.
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      Sep 25 2011: Robert thanks for asking. We jesuits knows that all the world is our home. The tags (first, second, third...) are just temporary descriptions. I've found the worst poverty in Hollywood and the best spirit in a lumpen around Mexico city or Calcuta. The people is the point, the focus. I'm dedicated to the ancient texts, and others companions are in the field, working with the poorest people that you can imagine. So, for me and for us as company we have the reach point by the human realities. In my first times I've working with Vicente Ferrer, ex jesuit, in India, where he saves more than a million people to die by hunger. I' learned and understand a lot there. So the political tags for the world are meaningless for me.

      Salim we dont have any restriction in the poetic field. And of course that all the world dont have to see with our own perspective. The real thing is be aware that we know to serve. And serve to love.
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        Sep 25 2011: I believe that the exercise that Salim has created here is to help us begin to perceive our own stereotypes, our own mental structures which shape the way we think about the different areas of the world. I think just becoming aware of the way we personally categorize things is valuable and I am grateful for what Salim is attempting here.
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          Sep 26 2011: You are right to point Debra :)
          Many thanks for clarifying.
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    Sep 24 2011: Misconception, oblivion, education.
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      Sep 24 2011: Hi Helena , good to hear from you.
      As usually I am asking here , may I know in respect to which world (First or 3rd World) it came in to your mind ?
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        Sep 25 2011: Hi Salim,
        Nice to join you in conversation again.
        The answer is both.
        For me there is only one big world. I don't have to go far away to India or Somalia to see poverty and famine, I can, for instance, walk down The Strand in Central London, at any time; and that's just one street. The same way I don't have to go too far to see the abuse of power and prominent injustice.
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          Sep 25 2011: Thanks Helena for explaining your tought. It's my pleasure that you found joining this conversation interesting..
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        Sep 25 2011: Thank you for exposing the topic and making me aware of Hans Rosling's talk; I had not watched it yet and found it very interesting.
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    Sep 24 2011: help,share,teach
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      Sep 24 2011: Thanks Muhammad for your contribution.
      Above 3 words represents which world between two
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        Sep 24 2011: Your welcome Salim but I'm not quite following you here.Can you explain it to me further?
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          Sep 24 2011: Was asking while these three words came in to your mind , which world you were thinking about ?
          Was it First World or 3rd Wolrd? As explained in the poster above .
          Thanks again.
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        Sep 25 2011: sorry.I was actually thinking about both of them.How we can help each other, how we can share our wealth together and how we can teach each other in order to create a better world in the future.
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    Sep 23 2011: Where's Second World?

    [That's just the first thing that came to mind ... grammatically incorrect and, technically, four words, I know ... but what are ya gonna do?]
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      Sep 23 2011: That's a good question as well which could defintely jump in to mind.
      Answer is that's in the middle.

      Please find my answer below to your question "...but what are ya gonna do?"

      Lets' face the fact. Once we can face it may be we can try to change it if necessary otherwise what we will change ? (That's what Iis already explained above in the thread at the begining)
      Thanks for thoughts
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        Sep 23 2011: Hi Salim,

        It's an interesting question. I've lived in what we could call, First-, Second-, and Third-world countries. (And I've been in parts of the world that would be lucky if we called them 99th-world. For example, Southern Ethiopia, near the Kenyan and Somali borders.)

        The only thing I have ever felt I could do about it was treat the people I interact with with compassion, humility, and respect.

        I don't see BIG solutions. I see small ones.
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          Sep 24 2011: Hi ThomasThanks for sharing learning from your experience. Can't agree more what you said about "compassion, humility and respect" and actually that seems to me the BIG solution.

          Again my feeling is that those 3 virtues are greatly impacted by perception as well...... if deep back in mind one has some specific perception to someone that seems have definite impact on those 3 virtues....

          Just to share with you, I am from a country wihich is labeled to be 3rd world, lived in highly rich economy like Singapore, lavish luxury of Saudi (as a spectator) now again in another 3rd world country. Met sufficient people from europe & US in different group setting either going there or somewhere else countries , so have a sort experience about different perceptions and outlooks.

          Just exploring here in TED about that perception Vs my real life experience, .... ...
  • Sep 21 2011: First world: monopoly, military, consumption
    Third world: poverty, desperation, survival
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      Sep 22 2011: Thanks Roberts for your thoughts.
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      Sep 24 2011: Not always Robert.
      Its very comfortable write this from some nice city: Richmond or Rome, but we have to GO TO THE REAL WORLD.
  • Sep 21 2011: 1st -



    water buffalo

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      Sep 22 2011: Interesting really. Thanks for sharing Seth.
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    Sep 21 2011: riches
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      Sep 22 2011: Your thoughts are appreciated Matthew :)
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    Sep 21 2011: .
    Same Human
    Same Planet
    Different living standards
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      Sep 21 2011: Your thoughts appreciated Rafi . Thanks
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    Sep 20 2011: money
  • Comment deleted

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      Sep 19 2011: WOw Kate, "long time no see" :)
      Was wondering about your absence. Thanks for your thought...
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      Sep 19 2011: Kate Blake! How I have missed you and your perspectives!
  • Sep 18 2011: I'm sorry Salim, I thought I was clear but I guess not. I meant poverty and famine for third world countries and welath for first world countries.
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      Sep 19 2011: No worry James, I know it's from my end which is clear from other posts as well that I was unable to clarify
      Thanks for clarifying.
  • Sep 18 2011: Pverty, famine and wealth.
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      Sep 18 2011: Hi James thanks for your contribution.
      Sure I couldn't make clear that it would great if can give two sets of words one set representating First world the other for 3rd world.

      Or you meant your set applies in both....?
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    Sep 18 2011: Poverty, Technology and Charity
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      Sep 18 2011: Apreciate your thoughts. These applies to both world ?
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        Sep 24 2011: Salim Dont you see in this posts a lot of stereotypes from media tags.?
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    Sep 18 2011: Exploitation
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      Sep 18 2011: Thanks Lindsay for your thoughts.
      Those three applies for both ?
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        Sep 18 2011: No, exploitation, greed shame. applies to how the 1st world has treated the third world under the guise of aid and humanitraian less. It was made possible, of course, by corrupt governments and leaders in the exploited countries who chose to share in the wealth at the expense of their people and their nations resources.
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    Sep 18 2011: We can do more to relieve our goals!
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    Sep 18 2011: I dont know
    simplely becuz i dont attach much importance to how this world is classified.
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    Sep 18 2011: "Where's the second?"

    Is the term even still valid? I know what it is/was, but when's the last time you heard anyone use it?

    (I'll answer seriously when I wake up; I just got back from the office because the alarm went off. Somehow that didn't factor into the "should I run my own business" equation.)
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      Sep 18 2011: Yes right you are logically there should be second, and it's there may be, but not used that much.

      I think so it's still valid, you might have different opinion which is appreciated as well. The world 3rd world is more used than first world so partially your question of non validity can apply to First World as a direct name. However the first world is mimicked by words like Developed world/ western world or simply west, sometimes G7 or G8 etc....

      I had some discussion on these terms right here in TED, will find out those thread and give those link for you to check.
      Thanks for your time and interest.
      • Sep 20 2011: I think originally 2nd world countries were those "developing" nations like Mexico, Korea and Brazil and others. It seems rather funny now with countries like Korea and Brazil huh? So 1st world were developed, 2nd developing and 3rd Undeveloped.

        I still have to ask, what does developed mean and do I really want it if I could get it?
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          Sep 20 2011: Thanks Michael for thoughts.
          What 3 words jumped into your mind immediately when you thought about Developed World?

          Here actually we are not looking for any defintion from book....rather trying to get how these are being percieved generally.
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          Sep 26 2011: I am with you on the "do I really want it if I could get it?"

          I've picked my three "awake" words:
          - validation,
          - illusion,
          - corruption.

          And no, they are not my first three words, those were as stated, and a reflection of my anti-authoritarian nature, I suppose. "Whose definitions are these and what do they even mean?"

          I'm afraid I see the world in shades of "agenda" - even when it comes to the war between science and religion. It is one thing I have learned about myself since participating in these fora.
      • Sep 20 2011: Salim
        Good question
        Developed world

        lots of things
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          Sep 22 2011: Thanks Michael for compliments and also your renewed efforts and thoughts :)
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    Sep 18 2011: First world, one which came before me.
    Third world, one which comes after me.
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      Sep 18 2011: @ Benny many thanks for your philosophical thoughts. Really appreciated :)
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        Sep 18 2011: happy to share myself :)
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    Sep 17 2011: First world: riches, capitalism, greed

    Third world: potential, poverty, people
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      Sep 18 2011: Hi Debra , thanks for your thoughts :)